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xAPTel is a Windows tray application that uses the Meteor or Pegasus UK Caller ID device made by Crucible Technologies to supply telephony call progress information over xAP.

xAPTEL supports CallerID information as well as full call progress information, (call arrival, ringing, answered, not answered, on/off hook, dialled digits etc). It supports dual lines and fully interoperates with xAP Switchboard, including returning / dialling calls by use of either the Pegasus unit or an attached AT compatible modem. Via Switchboard it provides both STD area and name lookup.

Also supported is Skype integration allowing integration of Skype VOIP lines.

Written by UKUSA and available from the www.mi4.biz website.

(xAPTel does not support CID capable modems as there are almost none of these available in the UK market, for these use xAPCID )