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13/02/2007 14:55:34 * James joins My room
13/02/2007 14:55:34 * quit (timeout)
13/02/2007 14:57:37 ‹James› .
13/02/2007 14:58:00 * Ian B joins My room
13/02/2007 14:58:16 ‹Ian B› Hi all, long time no visits
13/02/2007 14:58:25 ‹James› hi Ian
13/02/2007 14:58:36 * Gregg joins My room
13/02/2007 14:58:44 ‹James› how's tricks?
13/02/2007 14:58:53 ‹Ian B› good thanks
13/02/2007 14:59:15 ‹James› hi gregg
13/02/2007 14:59:21 ‹Ian B› I am currently working on a touch screen as previously but I have actually got it working
13/02/2007 14:59:26 ‹Gregg› Hi James
13/02/2007 14:59:48 ‹Ian B› just trying to get a sensible reliable reading from it - quite challenging
13/02/2007 15:00:09 ‹Ian B› Ethernet next then maybe the xAP bit :-D
13/02/2007 15:00:09 ‹James› got any pics of it?
13/02/2007 15:00:24 ‹Ian B› nope but I can take on whist we chat
13/02/2007 15:00:31 ‹Ian B› just get the camera
13/02/2007 15:00:43 ‹James› you're going to have to celebrate when it's done
13/02/2007 15:01:15 ‹James› Gregg simple * question before we start.
13/02/2007 15:01:33 ‹Gregg› ok
13/02/2007 15:01:36 ‹James› that http://www.xapautomation.org/wiki/index.php/Asterisk_IVR_Trixbox code. where does it go?
13/02/2007 15:02:03 ‹Gregg› Well, I just adapted what Lehane did into my original
13/02/2007 15:02:17 ‹James› I get the extension bit. but the to block of code. and how does it talk to Four.. I cant see any xAP code.
13/02/2007 15:02:19 ‹Gregg› So, perhaps it would be best to ask Lehane
13/02/2007 15:02:30 ‹James› or does it call functions from you plugin?
13/02/2007 15:02:31 ‹Gregg› that's cuz it's magic ;)
13/02/2007 15:02:41 ‹Gregg› axc does all the heavy lifting
13/02/2007 15:02:49 ‹James› ahh magic code
13/02/2007 15:02:59 ‹Gregg› hiding it from the dialplan and attempting to keep the dial plan somewhat simple
13/02/2007 15:03:23 ‹James› so hoes does it deal with the non sycronous nature of sending a xAP and waiting for a response?
13/02/2007 15:03:29 ‹Gregg› the hand-off is the NoOp(xapsend:command)
13/02/2007 15:03:44 ‹Gregg› There's a timeout specified in the dialplan
13/02/2007 15:03:59 ‹Gregg› And, you'll notice that part of the diaplan does a loop
13/02/2007 15:04:16 ‹Gregg› only, for me, four and mh are always faster than the first 1 sec wait
13/02/2007 15:04:38 ‹James› but if 4 has to lookup from switchboard it can take a little while
13/02/2007 15:04:44 ‹James› esp with big dbs
13/02/2007 15:04:50 ‹Gregg› It does make sure that the messenger to and from are uniquely linked to the current user's channel
13/02/2007 15:05:13 ‹Gregg› it will wait 5 secs given the current macro; but could be made to go longer
13/02/2007 15:05:23 ‹James› k
13/02/2007 15:05:44 ‹James› so could i write something similar, calling youo axc in php?
13/02/2007 15:05:48 ‹Gregg› I had assumed that if it took longer, then it wasn't worth the user waiting; but since it's in the dial-plan then users can change it to the liking
13/02/2007 15:06:00 ‹Ian B› ok, have a look on ftp://ftp.mollyology.com
13/02/2007 15:06:21 ‹Ian B› it is called Touch Screen and is in the ftp directory
13/02/2007 15:06:23 ‹Ian B› 681k
13/02/2007 15:06:36 ‹James› nice flower
13/02/2007 15:07:09 ‹Ian B› that was one of 35 photos I merged to make one with a good deapth of field
13/02/2007 15:07:17 ‹Ian B› it was only partially successful
13/02/2007 15:08:36 ‹James› I presume the stylus is only needed for calibration
13/02/2007 15:08:43 ‹Ian B› yes
13/02/2007 15:08:51 ‹Gregg› J--your q re: calling axc in php... Not sure what you mean, but you can think of axc as doing the exact same function as xAP Jabber from Four's perspetive
13/02/2007 15:08:57 ‹Ian B› it is needed for accuracy
13/02/2007 15:09:13 ‹James› k
13/02/2007 15:09:51 ‹James› G- I've just been looking at some of the * agis mostly from nerd vittels and they can be written in php rather than perl
13/02/2007 15:10:43 ‹Gregg› J-right; but axc isn't an AGI
13/02/2007 15:11:05 ‹James› but could it be called from an agi?
13/02/2007 15:11:13 ‹Ian B› there is another piccy
13/02/2007 15:11:14 ‹Ian B› Touch Screen off.JPG
13/02/2007 15:11:34 ‹Ian B› everything is pretty tightly packed in there
13/02/2007 15:11:36 ‹Gregg› You could do what is being done in the dial plan macros in an AGI if you wanted
13/02/2007 15:11:58 ‹Ian B› especially when I get all the rest of the components soldered on
13/02/2007 15:12:42 ‹James› I, a busy little board
13/02/2007 15:13:05 ‹Ian B› I think it has taken me 3 years to get to this
13/02/2007 15:13:08 ‹James› G, ok, I'm just happier in php. my perl just goes wrong!
13/02/2007 15:13:19 ‹Ian B› If I had known when I started.............
13/02/2007 15:13:32 ‹James› so how long until the colour screen version?
13/02/2007 15:13:39 ‹James› ;-)
13/02/2007 15:14:03 ‹Gregg› J--none of that dial-plan "language" is perl--it's all AEL
13/02/2007 15:14:23 ‹Ian B› ahhh, there is no easily available colour screen and the current micro would struggle with the memory needs
13/02/2007 15:14:39 ‹James› o :$ I looked perly
13/02/2007 15:15:06 ‹Gregg› If it were Perl, you'd have seen loads of regexs ;)
13/02/2007 15:15:45 ‹James› don't know if you saw this and wanted to add anything? www.trixbox.org/modules/newbb ... wtopic.php?topic_id=10287&;forum=1#forumpost39884
13/02/2007 15:16:01 ‹James› regexs.. Oh how i love those
13/02/2007 15:17:48 ‹Gregg› J--that URL wrapped or something and isnt' resolvable. Can you send privately via email?
13/02/2007 15:18:23 ‹James› done
13/02/2007 15:19:35 ‹Gregg› troublemaker ;)
13/02/2007 15:20:17 ‹James› wonder if it warranted a little show case email to show what could be done?
13/02/2007 15:20:35 ‹James› quite a few people on that trixbox list!
13/02/2007 15:21:10 ‹Gregg› Well, that was the purpose of the currently blank other wiki page. I just need to fill it out. Should I assume that most users would be interacting w/ SB?
13/02/2007 15:22:05 ‹James› or maybe even just a straight display message to jabber/intranert launcher
13/02/2007 15:22:21 ‹Gregg› Or, perhaps, I can mention that the "simplest" cases tend to be apps that can intercept a CLID message and do something w/ it (like mh, etc), Whereas SB offers many more options ... and then enumerate them
13/02/2007 15:23:03 ‹Gregg› J--"straight display message"? was that directed at me?
13/02/2007 15:23:19 ‹James› the xbox screenshot is always good example of a full implementation
13/02/2007 15:24:04 ‹James› G, yes. as in asterisk sending a display message on its own straight to any display devcie
13/02/2007 15:24:05 ‹Gregg› oh--right--ok.
13/02/2007 15:24:53 ‹Gregg› J--so, I assume you got my "wish-list"?
13/02/2007 15:25:19 ‹James› lol, reading it now. It was a true Kevin style email
13/02/2007 15:25:45 ‹Gregg› I can only accept that as a compliment ;)
13/02/2007 15:26:17 ‹James› "question about zmxap support for messenger vice Four" I agree the former is the best way
13/02/2007 15:26:56 ‹James› This peering between multiple apps,
13/02/2007 15:26:59 ‹Gregg› ok--because last week's chat we were discussing using the http get mechanism for integration. Now that I've done this w/ axc and mh, then I think "messenger peering" is just as easy
13/02/2007 15:28:12 ‹James› I was thinking that when Jabber receives a message it should tag it with a unique ID. Then any app responding to it should also include that ID. That way other peers know that something has answered
13/02/2007 15:28:53 * Mr Optimizer joins My room
13/02/2007 15:29:08 ‹Gregg› hmm... I'm not so sure. For one thing, another app may be delayed in answering, but won't relook before the answer
13/02/2007 15:29:37 ‹Gregg› Also, that really doesn't address the case when you deliberately want to prune the question vocabulary back so only one app can answer--which is my personal preference
13/02/2007 15:31:02 ‹Gregg› So, do you have a suggestion for "pruning" Four's vocabulary?
13/02/2007 15:32:38 ‹James› sry, back.. phone rang
13/02/2007 15:34:06 ‹James› The reason behind not editing the db file was I was going to make it web updatable so it would be reloaded and wiped at times.
13/02/2007 15:34:30 ‹Gregg› Right--that's why I was suggesting some means of grammar pruning via the mydb.txt
13/02/2007 15:34:47 ‹Gregg› which would be more complex, but would allow the update that you suggested
13/02/2007 15:34:49 ‹James› It's easy enough to enable/disable aswer sets though
13/02/2007 15:35:21 ‹Gregg› You mean in mydb.txt or some other way?
13/02/2007 15:35:37 ‹James› so nice friendly tick boxes ont he web page?
13/02/2007 15:36:11 ‹Gregg› Oh--ok; I was thinking something more user hostile; but, I'm good w/ that
13/02/2007 15:36:37 ‹James› "user hostile" nice term ;-)
13/02/2007 15:37:18 ‹James› and appending the link in a message.display to a jabber relay message is easy enough to add
13/02/2007 15:37:29 ‹James› web link that is
13/02/2007 15:38:12 ‹Gregg› ok--that means that you could scroll back through your Jabber session that is receiving these from zmxap and review an alarm
13/02/2007 15:38:30 ‹James› that's true :-) i like that!
13/02/2007 15:39:29 ‹Gregg› I'm also planning on making zmxap be a messenger peer so that you can alter zoneminder alarm modes of operation via jabber
13/02/2007 15:40:17 ‹Gregg› or, via IVR and your cell phone
13/02/2007 15:40:19 ‹James› that would make for a really useful function. especially with a mobile jabber client
13/02/2007 15:40:53 ‹James› could someone give this a go : http://www.mi4.biz/modules.php?name=MessageHome in theory what you type appears on my slimp3 above my monitor
13/02/2007 15:41:47 ‹James› :-) that worked then
13/02/2007 15:42:02 ‹Gregg› yep--and, that brings me to wondering about a possible additional messenger property
13/02/2007 15:42:24 ‹James› web > custom floorplan page > xaP > slim plugin > slimersver > slimp3
13/02/2007 15:42:37 ‹James› nearly instant too
13/02/2007 15:43:05 ‹Gregg› something like requestor_format--which would convey the type of device that would be receiving the response--so that the link URL (for example) could be tailored for small vice large displays
13/02/2007 15:43:05 ‹James› and the "possible additional messenger property" is?
13/02/2007 15:43:28 ‹Gregg› or, for axc, something that suggests that the response should be more suited to TTS
13/02/2007 15:44:16 ‹James› not sure i'm with you here. a messenger message should just be to or from a messenger gateway?
13/02/2007 15:44:53 ‹Gregg› ok--but in some since, the use of html in your response makes assumptions that the consumer can handle html
13/02/2007 15:45:24 ‹Gregg› or, the formating of your messages assume that someone is viewing them vice hearing them
13/02/2007 15:45:43 ‹Gregg› the best example is querying SB via Jabber for the most recent calls
13/02/2007 15:45:59 ‹Gregg› the returned format is not very useful for TTS interpretation
13/02/2007 15:46:14 ‹James› ah, i see
13/02/2007 15:46:48 ‹Gregg› now, to be honest, I've been planning on adding lots of code into axc to perform translations; but, it did cause me to start thinking about ways to have certain "types of formats"
13/02/2007 15:47:25 ‹James› like TTS,words,csv,html
13/02/2007 15:47:46 ‹James› maybe xml
13/02/2007 15:48:39 ‹Gregg› something like that; although I'm thinking that the number might be as small as 3; you really don't want the number to be large at all. And, there would need to be an understanding of what the default can always be expected to be
13/02/2007 15:48:55 ‹Gregg› in case the "source" (responder to a messenger.event) can only handle one form
13/02/2007 15:49:20 ‹James› it's only really the floorplan/switchboard/ping links that this would apply to. the rest is simple text
13/02/2007 15:50:39 ‹Gregg› well, consider zmxap-that might include the link info. Link info shouldn't be included for TTS. It should suggest a high-bandwidth/large-screen for normal use and low-bandwidth/small-screen for say mobile devices/phones
13/02/2007 15:51:18 ‹Gregg› but, yes--the "normal" (majority) would be simple text
13/02/2007 15:51:38 ‹James› hello Optimezer btw!
13/02/2007 15:52:21 ‹James› that link info is a message.display rather than a messenger thing though
13/02/2007 15:52:47 ‹Mr Optimizer› Hi
13/02/2007 15:53:01 ‹Mr Optimizer› My friends just call me 'fast'
13/02/2007 15:53:10 ‹Gregg› yes--for the request that I made of you; but, what if I support someting like "list the last 4 alarms" in zmxap as a messenger peer
13/02/2007 15:53:46 ‹James› fast it is then
13/02/2007 15:54:08 ‹Gregg› It that as in "quick" or "lacking food intake"?
13/02/2007 15:54:09 ‹James› ok. I can see alot of playing with Four coming up
13/02/2007 15:54:55 ‹Mr Optimizer› As in 'well pruned call tree'
13/02/2007 15:56:37 ‹Gregg› J--I did want to mention that your latest SB is working exceptionally well for my use
13/02/2007 15:57:44 ‹James› is the returning a call from the log when the contact has a network set working ok?
13/02/2007 15:59:11 ‹Gregg› no--but, I wonder if you were focusing on the inbound calls--whereas, my interest as in the outbound
13/02/2007 15:59:55 ‹James› well they are outgoing when you returna call
13/02/2007 16:00:43 ‹Gregg› Suppose that I dial out via * and axc communicates the call and SB records it as an outgoing call
13/02/2007 16:01:08 ‹James› should be
13/02/2007 16:01:51 ‹Gregg› From SB's call records, I then initiate a dial. I don't see any of the lines associated w/ the network for this number--rather only (V)PSTN lines
13/02/2007 16:02:42 ‹James› and the contact that the number refers to had a different network set?
13/02/2007 16:03:04 ‹Gregg› yes--office
13/02/2007 16:03:22 ‹Gregg› but, one thing that is odd is that SB isn't listing the contact details for this number in the call log
13/02/2007 16:04:06 ‹James› and i presume the number exists in the contacts somewhere
13/02/2007 16:04:23 ‹Gregg› fwiw: I'm coding the "extensions" into Business Phone 2
13/02/2007 16:04:35 ‹James› k
13/02/2007 16:05:03 ‹Gregg› yes--it exists as a contact and only has a value for Business Phone 2; also, it is just a 4-digit number--not that that should matter
13/02/2007 16:07:03 ‹James› 4 digits should be fine
13/02/2007 16:08:44 ‹Gregg› Ahh, that's it. SB's call log seems to ignore the contact info if in Business Phone 2
13/02/2007 16:09:28 ‹Gregg› but, the dialer network association is till fixated on (V)PSTN
13/02/2007 16:09:44 ‹James› accoring to the sql query it should be looking there. well actually a column called stripbusinessphone2
13/02/2007 16:11:51 * lehane joins My room
13/02/2007 16:12:21 ‹Gregg› Hi Lehane
13/02/2007 16:12:42 ‹lehane› Hi all
13/02/2007 16:12:46 ‹James› hi
13/02/2007 16:13:57 ‹Gregg› J--I stand corrected. SB will fill in the call records, but only after I go to the applicable contact, edit it and then update it's phone info
13/02/2007 16:14:33 ‹Gregg› In other words, SB's call record details are initially blank and it will show the option of creating a new contact record from the call record-despite one already existing
13/02/2007 16:14:37 ‹James› it should do the same lookup on a new call
13/02/2007 16:15:11 ‹James› yep, it's missiing hte match for some reason. is it just a 4 digit number? no *s or #s
13/02/2007 16:16:26 ‹Gregg› right--2903
13/02/2007 16:18:19 ‹James› ok, work for me. but
13/02/2007 16:18:30 ‹Gregg› Lehane--thanks for putting together the Trixbox how-to. FWIW: I've revised the original IVR wiki page to incorporate your mods
13/02/2007 16:18:41 ‹James› I had to remove the localstd that was set
13/02/2007 16:19:08 ‹Gregg› J--I assume you know that I nuked the contents of all the STD DBs--per your suggestion
13/02/2007 16:19:17 ‹James› as i was calling 2525 but it made it 0202525 my local std was 020
13/02/2007 16:19:32 ‹James› yep, this is another. look on the main settings page
13/02/2007 16:19:51 ‹Gregg› yep--mine is blank
13/02/2007 16:21:21 ‹James› hmm. i went to a contact. entered 2525 as business phone2 and it's netwrok as 'internal'. simulated a call by sending a cid.incoming. It matched the contact and the dial link next to the call record had the correct 'internal' network set
13/02/2007 16:21:24 ‹lehane› No problem, I'm going to add a PIN so I can set heating, etc on
13/02/2007 16:22:09 ‹Gregg› yes--I wasn't about to add that part to the how-to as users need to thoroughly understand * and security before enabling things like that.
13/02/2007 16:22:43 ‹Gregg› ... not wanting to be responsible for a crook calling your house and disabling your alarm before he walks in the door
13/02/2007 16:23:04 ‹James› good plan
13/02/2007 16:25:13 ‹Gregg› J--can you elaborate your plans on extending Four to integrate occupancy info? Will it be purely dependent upon FP; or, will it allow other inputs? If the latter, what kinds of messages?
13/02/2007 16:26:36 ‹James› the initial idea based on Jabber and the JIDs and secondly on the occupancy data the intranet luancher sends out
13/02/2007 16:27:38 ‹James› Floorplan will do it's own room occupancy based on pirs, doors, windows etc. The Four occupancy is really a person occupancy ie, at home, at work, mobile etc
13/02/2007 16:28:12 ‹Gregg› what occupancy info does intranet launcher send out?
13/02/2007 16:28:35 ‹James› the old one, none
13/02/2007 16:29:00 ‹Gregg› the old one being the one that all of us have?
13/02/2007 16:29:26 ‹James› the new one, a single bsc device where the state is activity in the last minute and the Text= holding the username
13/02/2007 16:29:52 ‹Gregg› oh--very nice!
13/02/2007 16:30:27 ‹Ian B› Gotta go folks, bed calls plus the cat is nagging for food:-( See you again soon
13/02/2007 16:30:45 ‹James› bye Ian
13/02/2007 16:30:52 ‹Gregg› By Ian--nice pics by the way
13/02/2007 16:31:05 ‹Ian B› thanks
13/02/2007 16:31:12 ‹James› G, you have the new launcher btw
13/02/2007 16:31:17 ‹James› esp the flower ;-)
13/02/2007 16:31:26 ‹Ian B› the screen is registering the stylus touches quite nicely now :-)
13/02/2007 16:31:33 ‹Ian B› more soon I am sure
13/02/2007 16:31:46 ‹James› keep us posted
13/02/2007 16:31:58 ‹Gregg› J--I don't see any BSC info being sent out; are you sure I have the latest or do I need to "do something" to make it work
13/02/2007 16:32:16 ‹James› you need to read your email ;-)
13/02/2007 16:32:32 ‹James› when i say you have it.. I mean only just have it
13/02/2007 16:32:38 ‹Gregg› and, apparently, be patient :)
13/02/2007 16:32:45 ‹Gregg› got it
13/02/2007 16:33:19 ‹lehane› J, how does 4 'talk' to FP, just occasionally it doesn't see FP
13/02/2007 16:33:21 ‹James› It also support the groups feature of the new intranet ocx, other than that no real changes
13/02/2007 16:33:27 * Ian B quit (timeout)
13/02/2007 16:33:41 ‹James› It does an http get
13/02/2007 16:33:54 ‹lehane› port number?
13/02/2007 16:34:10 ‹James› same as the web interface
13/02/2007 16:34:32 ‹lehane› OK, Win2k3 again!
13/02/2007 16:34:45 ‹James› it's just a page /four.xsp and the get string defines what to return
13/02/2007 16:35:40 ‹Gregg› J--very, very nice!!
13/02/2007 16:36:30 ‹James› Lehane, I'm getting very close to finalising FP 1.5 just one more bug to find. Then I'm happy
13/02/2007 16:36:37 ‹Gregg› J--I assume that I can make four and xAP jabber be services w/ the usual manual switches--right?
13/02/2007 16:37:09 ‹lehane› Great, I'll put some more time in on the docs.
13/02/2007 16:38:23 ‹James› and I'll get a newer bulld over to you once i've tracked this bug. There is an time after an alarm clock goes off before sunrise and when sunrise happens the state of a room is wrong.. Something somewhere is inverted. womewhere
13/02/2007 16:38:45 ‹James› Four, no, doesn't have the service code in it yet.
13/02/2007 16:38:58 ‹Gregg› ok--and xAP Jabber?
13/02/2007 16:39:07 ‹James› just looking
13/02/2007 16:39:31 ‹James› :-( no
13/02/2007 16:39:49 ‹Gregg› ok--thanks for clarifying
13/02/2007 16:39:51 ‹James› i'll get it added
13/02/2007 16:41:08 ‹James› I tend to run the apps from teh desktop as I've yet to nag Kevin enough to add service support to xAPtel
13/02/2007 16:41:59 ‹Gregg› ahh... well, I just always want things to work--even after an extended power fail that has exceeded UPS and I happen to be trying things remotely. But, that is indeed rare
13/02/2007 16:42:26 ‹lehane› I may have asked before. If there is more than one timer scheduled simultaneously do they exec sequentially at ( 1 )sec intervals?
13/02/2007 16:43:46 ‹James› sequentially with no interval, ie single tacking but as quick as possible. First one added, ie highest in the list will run first
13/02/2007 16:44:00 ‹James› tacking=tasking
13/02/2007 16:44:26 ‹Gregg› L--q re: TSC. Is it considered stable enough to begin writing apps against it?
13/02/2007 16:44:44 ‹lehane› UPS - hmm, the problem is synchronising FP with all the Netioms. If some stay up it gets interesting :-|
13/02/2007 16:45:36 ‹James› how many netioms do you have?
13/02/2007 16:45:51 ‹lehane› I meant to publish V0.4 but it didn't get to the top of the stack. I'll do it this weekend. 4 Netioms.
13/02/2007 16:46:33 ‹James› that's alot of IO
13/02/2007 16:47:18 ‹lehane› Yep! Some for physical convenience but most outputs are in use and about 30% of inputs.
13/02/2007 16:48:28 ‹James› once you add some morePIRs or occupancy then you'll need those spare input channels
13/02/2007 16:48:31 ‹Gregg› Have either of you used the "beam bar" that phaedrus sells?
13/02/2007 16:50:18 ‹James› nope, used a simple one from maplin though but that was onle single beam
13/02/2007 16:51:17 ‹James› i wish they would try a break beam in a 2x2 arrangement. that way you could sense movement aswell as direction of travel
13/02/2007 16:51:38 ‹lehane› PIR's are through Caddx. Not used any barriers like that - would like one on the drive though.
13/02/2007 16:51:50 ‹James› However, unlike a conventional infrared beam sensor, the MotionBar provides a means of determining the direction of movemen
13/02/2007 16:52:02 ‹James› didn't see that one
13/02/2007 16:52:17 ‹James› http://www.phaedrusltd.com/pages/html/motion_bar.html
13/02/2007 16:53:04 ‹lehane› same price too!
13/02/2007 16:54:26 ‹Gregg› Well, I've been thinking about trying one; just would have liked some real feedback. But, given my experience w/ the netiom, I would expect an awesome product from them
13/02/2007 16:55:09 ‹James› I've yet to hear a single bad word against them
13/02/2007 16:55:25 ‹lehane› after sales is excellent 17:05:29 ‹Mr Optimizer› Should be able to make something available for this weekend
13/02/2007 17:05:35 ‹James› E, That viewer you sent me has been running fine with no issues at all
13/02/2007 17:06:04 ‹lehane› I'd like to see whether my hacked 2.0 plug ins work in the new framework
13/02/2007 17:06:06 ‹Mr Optimizer› That's good to here
13/02/2007 17:06:12 ‹Mr Optimizer› hear
13/02/2007 17:06:14 ‹Gregg› Thanks--if you don't publically announce, can you send me a notice via email?
13/02/2007 17:06:16 ‹James› except that enormous log it generates as it's in debug mode
13/02/2007 17:06:32 ‹Mr Optimizer› RIght
13/02/2007 17:06:44 ‹Mr Optimizer› There's a new one...
13/02/2007 17:06:57 ‹James› i deleted it at 3GB
13/02/2007 17:07:26 ‹James› always happy to test
13/02/2007 17:07:33 ‹Mr Optimizer› It's been on a diet, a tuning session on the rolling road and a workout with Mr Optimizer
13/02/2007 17:07:49 ‹James› ah, all makes sense now
13/02/2007 17:08:14 ‹Mr Optimizer› It allocates about 10% of the memory it used to allocate
13/02/2007 17:08:47 ‹James› and is that 10% of what to old .net 1 apps used too?
13/02/2007 17:11:05 ‹James› I think they used to run at about 30mb no matter what they did
13/02/2007 17:14:36 ‹Mr Optimizer› I found a few wasteful bits (to say the least)
13/02/2007 17:14:58 ‹lehane› Gotta go and get some beauty sleep for tomorrow. Catch you next week.
13/02/2007 17:15:09 ‹James› bye L
13/02/2007 17:15:14 * lehane quit
13/02/2007 17:15:14 ‹Gregg› byte Lehane
13/02/2007 17:15:32 ‹Gregg› can't type either
13/02/2007 17:16:01 ‹James› So Paul with his vista issue. Do you guess it's just the installer?
13/02/2007 17:16:08 ‹James› I don't have vista so can't help either
13/02/2007 17:16:15 * lehane quit (timeout)
13/02/2007 17:16:24 ‹Mr Optimizer› I should going too - I'll be making some releases very shortly
13/02/2007 17:16:43 ‹Mr Optimizer› Vista: yes Googling it shows it's a very common issue with the installer
13/02/2007 17:17:07 ‹James› seen slashdot recently?
13/02/2007 17:17:10 ‹Mr Optimizer› To do with the reduced privs a user gets
13/02/2007 17:17:23 ‹Mr Optimizer› Not for a few weeks
13/02/2007 17:17:28 ‹James› "Hacker Joanna Rutkowska has flagged a "very severe hole" in the design of Windows Vista's User Account Controls (UAC) feature. The issue is that Vista automatically assumes that all setup programs (application installers) should be run with administrator privileges —
13/02/2007 17:17:47 ‹Mr Optimizer› Been busy optimising, snowboarding and dealing with having a cracked rib
13/02/2007 17:17:59 ‹James› ouch
13/02/2007 17:18:18 ‹Mr Optimizer› Coding is a lot safer than snowbording
13/02/2007 17:18:36 ‹James› and coding while snowboarding is just silly
13/02/2007 17:19:00 ‹Mr Optimizer› mmmmm
13/02/2007 17:19:17 ‹Mr Optimizer› Ok, really gotta go - see you soon
13/02/2007 17:19:26 ‹Gregg› bye
13/02/2007 17:19:38 ‹James› bye
13/02/2007 17:23:11 * Mr Optimizer quit (timeout)
13/02/2007 17:36:40 ‹Gregg› So, is there an optional idle "timeout" for intranet launcher to control when it reports off after idle?
13/02/2007 17:37:02 ‹Gregg› Kind of like the idle timeout that exists for IM clients
13/02/2007 17:37:21 ‹Gregg› Nice "idle" icon--btw
13/02/2007 17:38:25 ‹James› not yet, it's 60seconds at the mo. more todo list items
13/02/2007 17:38:40 ‹Gregg› sorry :)
13/02/2007 17:39:42 ‹James› it really helps with room occupancy as sitting in front of a PC used to cuase lights tot turn off as there was little movement
13/02/2007 17:40:32 ‹Gregg› yes--I'm thinking about how to use it also to determine how to do TTS room routing
13/02/2007 17:41:10 ‹James› yay, i've added to your todo list!
13/02/2007 17:41:45 ‹Gregg› as you say, another bit of occupancy info; I'm currently doing all occupany integration inside mh. But, it would be nice if I exported occupancy status in a way that is consistent w/ FP so that any app can use it
13/02/2007 17:42:30 ‹Gregg› are you using BSC to reflect room-oriented occupancy in FP? or something else?
13/02/2007 17:43:20 ‹James› the room occupancy goes in to the new room module of FP, I willpresenet each room as a BSC state device in the end
13/02/2007 17:44:13 ‹Gregg› ok--that's good to know. I already am doing so; but, it would probably be good for me to be consistent w/ specific practices of using things like text, displaytext
13/02/2007 17:45:03 ‹James› not sure i'll be using text but wil be using state and display text
13/02/2007 17:47:21 ‹Gregg› btw: I will ammend the current Astersk_IVR wiki page to include the specific "handoffs" between a dial-plan or AGI and axc. That way, if you want to roll your own php AGI, then you should be able to.
13/02/2007 17:48:27 ‹James› thanks, I'm still getting my head around the internals of Asterisk and with all the preloaded stuff in trixbox there is a lot to look through
13/02/2007 17:48:51 ‹Gregg› I thought you were running * at work?
13/02/2007 17:49:11 ‹James› trixbox too
13/02/2007 17:49:37 ‹Gregg› ok--I had just assumed that you were well into "expert" mode
13/02/2007 17:50:29 ‹James› i'm getting there. but with the trixbox dialplans thre iis so much interlinking between things it's hard to follow where things go!
13/02/2007 17:51:16 ‹Gregg› yeah--I know; hence a reason that I never went down that path. Our (work) dial-plans are complex enough w/ routing between multiple servers for inside and outside connected clients
13/02/2007 17:53:55 ‹James› but the feature set works weel for us and we have very limited routing. which helps
13/02/2007 17:55:04 ‹James› although we are looking at video phones and that needs asterisk 1.4 and trixbox can't do that yet
13/02/2007 17:56:55 ‹Gregg› yeah--there are a lot of very good features in 1.4--notably improved SIP handling (e.g. jitter buffering)
13/02/2007 17:57:08 ‹James› and xmpp/jingle too
13/02/2007 17:57:37 ‹Gregg› I saw that reference, but wasn't sure what form of support actually exists. Did you look at it?
13/02/2007 17:58:45 ‹James› I think it means that from googletalk, for example, you can call a sip user on your asterisk box
13/02/2007 17:59:00 ‹James› like how an iax user can calla sip one
13/02/2007 17:59:30 ‹Gregg› ahh--I should try that against my personal server as I do have inbound SIP opened up
13/02/2007 18:00:05 ‹Gregg› oh sorry, you were meaning outbound
13/02/2007 18:00:32 ‹James› inbound jingle outbound sip
13/02/2007 18:05:12 ‹James› time for zzz for me, nite
13/02/2007 18:05:28 ‹Gregg› Yep--same here. Thanks again for all of your help w/ SB, Jabber , Four
13/02/2007 18:05:41 ‹James› np, nite