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28/11/2006 14:58:03 * James joins My room
28/11/2006 14:58:03 * quit (timeout)
28/11/2006 15:16:59 * Lexford (aka Pa joins My room
28/11/2006 15:17:56 ‹James› hi
28/11/2006 15:18:09 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Evening James
28/11/2006 15:18:46 ‹James› How's Idratek?
28/11/2006 15:19:27 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Currently a bench project, but I am really impressed and happy with what it can do
28/11/2006 15:21:06 ‹James› It's not something I've seen, what kind of thing can it do through xPL? I presume from xpl you can control things and get status? or is there more?
28/11/2006 15:21:21 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Keep thinking of new projects
28/11/2006 15:22:25 ‹James› thinking of new projects and a long todo list are all part of HA
28/11/2006 15:23:15 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I haven't bought the xPL add-in as of yet. I have the basic "Cortex" PC software and have a few of the modules for analogue readings, digital switches / relays, PIR, Temperature and Humidity
28/11/2006 15:23:55 ‹James› It would certainly be neater if there was a xAP plugin for it!
28/11/2006 15:24:15 ‹James› but Floorplan's translator should do what's needed
28/11/2006 15:24:40 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Yeah, they guys at Idratek are very repsonsive and have mentioned it to them
28/11/2006 15:24:56 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› What is the basic difference between xPL and xPA?
28/11/2006 15:25:48 ‹James› they were orginally from the same project and it forked. The basics in how they work are similar
28/11/2006 15:26:16 ‹James› The message schemas have a different structure and there are difference in how messages are addressed.
28/11/2006 15:26:48 ‹James› One big difference is that xAP's ideal is a distributed system where xPL focusu on centering around xPLHAl
28/11/2006 15:27:53 ‹James› xAP also has the concept of a sub device, an endpoint within a bigger device. xPL just has devices.
28/11/2006 15:28:09 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› ok, think I am following
28/11/2006 15:28:28 ‹James› subdevices are ideal for things like cbus,x10
28/11/2006 15:29:20 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› One thing is that the Idratek is scriptable through another add-in so I have asked for details. I am quite happy scripting in VB with ADSI, ADO, etc so maybe time to broaden my learning
28/11/2006 15:30:29 ‹James› assuming it can talk xpl or xap then you can use Floorplan to do scripting
28/11/2006 15:30:35 ‹James› ( for free ;-)
28/11/2006 15:30:57 ‹James› scripting is pretty essential for a working system
28/11/2006 15:31:04 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I have played with Ed's Connector for Slimserver and downloaded the xAP TV and love the way it sends triggers to apper on my Softsqueeze
28/11/2006 15:31:39 ‹James› well, i can then recomend xAP news to get news alerts on to the slimp3s
28/11/2006 15:32:00 ‹James› i've got two slimp3s and 99.9% of the time they are just display clients!
28/11/2006 15:32:25 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Okay but the Slimserver supports RSS feeds so I can RSS say news.bbc.co.uk
28/11/2006 15:33:09 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› MY SB3 has changed my music listening habits. We now spend more time listening to music than watching TV
28/11/2006 15:33:13 ‹James› yep as a scroller. What xAP News gives you is news alerts, story changes, popping up on the screen
28/11/2006 15:33:33 ‹James› what about CallerID?
28/11/2006 15:33:35 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› ok sounds neat I'll have to play
28/11/2006 15:33:49 ‹James› want to get tat on teh sb3?
28/11/2006 15:34:08 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› That was something I was going to look at; it would be great
28/11/2006 15:34:45 ‹James› you'll need a callerID device, like a metoer or a pace modem ( assuming you are in the UK)
28/11/2006 15:34:48 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I have heard that CallerID in the UK by BT is a bit of pain
28/11/2006 15:35:10 ‹James› Switchboard and xAPTel will cover the software side of it
28/11/2006 15:35:30 ‹James› yep it's a pain, and number only!
28/11/2006 15:36:12 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Okay. Somone recommended Zoom modems. But if you have a Pace model number I would like to have a look
28/11/2006 15:36:32 ‹James› I use a pace Solo
28/11/2006 15:36:46 ‹James› I think some US robotics ones work too
28/11/2006 15:37:11 ‹James› http://www.mi4.biz/modules.php?name=Content&;pa=showpage&pid=38 are some old pics of Switchboard
28/11/2006 15:37:32 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Thanks
28/11/2006 15:37:42 ‹James› actually they are very old! it looks much nicer now
28/11/2006 15:38:12 ‹James› http://www.mi4.biz/modules.php?name=News&;file=article&sid=74 for xAP News
28/11/2006 15:38:50 ‹James› also if you look top right of the images you will see the various applications linking up to form a mini intranet
28/11/2006 15:40:01 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› One thing I have achieved so far is to use a Maxbotix Ultrasound device to measure distance to within 1". This feeds an analogue signal into an Idratek device. My intention with this is to monitor the level of water in my oversized water butt (it holds 650l)
28/11/2006 15:41:19 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Then I can switch the diverter filter from the down-pipe on and off, which will allow for topping up when I irrigate the garden and power wash the car
28/11/2006 15:41:46 ‹James› 650l is more like a poool that a water but!
28/11/2006 15:42:11 ‹James› nice use of ultrasonics though. It's a good way of keeping the sensor out of the water
28/11/2006 15:42:49 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I got it from FreeRain, we have been on a hosepipe ban for the last 18 months
28/11/2006 15:43:08 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Do get a few looks from the neighbours when pressure washing the car
28/11/2006 15:43:23 ‹James› 18 months! I though thames water was bad!
28/11/2006 15:44:05 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› My problem was I cound't find a cheap way to monitor water level until someone suggested the Ultrasound device
28/11/2006 15:44:32 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I am just outside Eastbourne
28/11/2006 15:45:47 ‹James› well it seems an ideal way to monitor water levels
28/11/2006 15:47:00 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Yeah and cost about $30 with a very fine beam
28/11/2006 15:47:27 ‹James› and the output is a 0-10v?
28/11/2006 15:48:25 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› 0 to 2.55v 1" = 10mv
28/11/2006 15:48:46 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› it will do analogue, pulse or rs-232
28/11/2006 15:49:32 ‹James› a nice little unit
28/11/2006 15:51:04 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Yeah, only slight issue is it constantly "chatters" as unles you hold the RX pin low it constantly outputs the distance
28/11/2006 15:51:43 ‹James› so this is one of those audible ultrasonic units?
28/11/2006 15:53:00 ‹James› I've got a range finer here that is really noisy
28/11/2006 15:53:07 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› No, details are here http://www.maxbotix.com/
28/11/2006 15:54:21 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Completely silent by chatter I meant constant output. Not a problem for me as I use a analogue input unit for Idratek so I can control the polling period of the Idratek unit
28/11/2006 15:55:53 ‹James› ok, I might get my self on of those. It could be an answer to occupancy sensing
28/11/2006 15:56:36 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Do you stream video around your home?
28/11/2006 15:57:47 ‹James› I use xbmc to stream videos from a server , but that about as far as I've gone
28/11/2006 15:58:56 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Okay what I would like to do is move all my DVD, video and Sky units into the garage and then just send signals around the house depending on what people want to watch
28/11/2006 15:59:23 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Not really sure how to do this especially with Sky or even Sky HD
28/11/2006 16:00:29 ‹James› one way is the Kat5 video senders that can send video over cat5 cables
28/11/2006 16:01:31 ‹James› an IP streaming system would be quite involved settings it up, but in theory a MYTH server with xbmc clients can do nearly everything
28/11/2006 16:02:12 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Yeah seen some of them but I think they don't currently do HDMI and DVI. I was thinking of possibly go for an nano-ITX PC direct to the main TV
28/11/2006 16:02:34 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› What is xbmc?
28/11/2006 16:02:43 ‹James› a PS3 may become a good option
28/11/2006 16:03:03 ‹James› Xbox Media Centre a free app to turn a modded xbox into a media centre
28/11/2006 16:03:31 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Is that the original XBox or new one?
28/11/2006 16:03:53 ‹James› original, and now very cheap, one
28/11/2006 16:04:27 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Interesting, I think the wife was saying they are about £50
28/11/2006 16:05:38 ‹James› yep, then a few quid to get it modded and buy the IR remote
28/11/2006 16:06:05 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› hmmm tempted
28/11/2006 16:06:41 ‹James› http://www.xboxmediacenter.com/info_screens.htm but it's skinable
28/11/2006 16:08:33 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Okay, I guess I could get a Haupage (or however you spell it) DVB card for Freeview?
28/11/2006 16:10:23 ‹James› that would have to go in the server, the xbox can't have things added directly to it
28/11/2006 16:11:04 ‹James› http://www.mythtv.org// is the typical server software (tux2)
28/11/2006 16:12:23 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› I have invested in a Via EN 15000 Mini-ITX "PC" which runs Cortex, Slimserver and Windows 2003 R2 server (I am a Microsoft Systems Enginner at work)
28/11/2006 16:13:13 ‹James› gbpvr is a windows PVR software. not sure how it streams though. I'm sure it must
28/11/2006 16:13:35 ‹James› although streaming can get pretty cpu intensive
28/11/2006 16:16:07 ‹Lexford (aka Pa› Yes that is my only concern. I like the Mini-ITX and Via combination because they use so little power. Mine is running at just 27watts
28/11/2006 16:16:51 ‹James› I use a M1000 here and a v533 they are great little units