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26/09/2006 15:10:03 ‹James› hi]
26/09/2006 15:10:11 ‹Paul› hi J
26/09/2006 15:10:34 ‹Paul› ping problem - looks like they were both set to HTTP rather than ping
26/09/2006 15:10:35 ‹James› did that email re: ping make sense?
26/09/2006 15:10:59 ‹James› http should work if they are active web servers
26/09/2006 15:11:11 ‹Paul› mmm
26/09/2006 15:11:30 ‹James› clicking on the re/green globe should tell you what was returned by the checkl
26/09/2006 15:11:33 ‹Paul› just changed them to ping - will see if that works or not
26/09/2006 15:12:02 ‹James› are they normal websites or ones that need authenticating?
26/09/2006 15:12:21 ‹Paul› websites with host
26/09/2006 15:12:43 ‹Paul›
26/09/2006 21:10:03 (589844)
26/09/2006 15:12:52 ‹James› should be fine then.
26/09/2006 15:12:53 ‹Paul›
26/09/2006 20:21:40 (0)
26/09/2006 15:13:08 ‹Paul› still not showing green
26/09/2006 15:13:15 ‹James› that's a ping 589844, req time out
26/09/2006 15:13:42 ‹James› cold you mail me the lines from you ping's config file?
26/09/2006 15:14:09 ‹Paul› ok
26/09/2006 15:15:02 ‹Paul› done
26/09/2006 15:15:06 ‹James› btw, I've added heartbeat monitoring to ping3
26/09/2006 15:15:31 ‹James› as xAP heartbeats
26/09/2006 15:15:34 ‹Paul› ah ok sounds interesting - to monitor xAP apps?
26/09/2006 15:16:08 ‹Paul› is there a way to then force a restart of a service or restart of an app if it's not responding?
26/09/2006 15:16:40 ‹James› yep, it sends alerts if a device doesn't send a hbeat when it should, but doesn't send an alert if the app closes down correctly assuming it sends a hbeat close message
26/09/2006 15:16:42 ‹Paul› Did you see my post re switchboard?
26/09/2006 15:17:24 ‹James› not sure the best way of dealing with restarting an app. could be quite fiddly
26/09/2006 15:17:49 ‹Paul› um - yes, depending how it's failed, could cause more problems?
26/09/2006 15:17:53 ‹James› re, dialling use a modem with xAP Tel ? works well
26/09/2006 15:19:10 ‹Paul› ok - but if I get asterisk working properly - that would be neater?
26/09/2006 15:19:50 ‹James› either should work, to switchboard they are the same
26/09/2006 15:20:50 ‹Paul› ok - will explore more
26/09/2006 15:21:00 ‹Paul› how about the conditional announce?
26/09/2006 15:21:11 ‹Paul› sounds like a good feature request!
26/09/2006 15:21:54 ‹James› re conditional announcements. That will take quite a bit of work. A simple way may be to have categories for contacts , business, friend etc and set times based on those categories. Probably could use the categories from Outlook - maybe
26/09/2006 15:22:25 ‹James› re, TTS . Just add targets to the tosend files to direct the messages at a certain TTS application
26/09/2006 15:22:48 ‹Paul› otherwise I guess do this in HomeSeer
26/09/2006 15:23:14 ‹Paul› and have a script intercept the TTS message - is that possible?
26/09/2006 15:23:49 ‹Paul› will try that target bit
26/09/2006 15:23:55 ‹James› should work, but adding a target to the tosend file is really quite simple!
26/09/2006 15:24:18 ‹Paul› sorry - don't mean that
26/09/2006 15:24:29 ‹Paul› I meant HS doing the conditional checking
26/09/2006 15:24:41 * kevint joins My room
26/09/2006 15:25:06 ‹James› ah, i see. yes any script engine could do it.
26/09/2006 15:25:19 ‹James› got the mail, jsut trying ping here
26/09/2006 15:25:29 ‹Paul› if the message originates from a certain line and time is outside hours - dismiss it
26/09/2006 15:25:40 * kevint joins My room
26/09/2006 15:25:56 ‹Paul› hi K
26/09/2006 15:26:13 ‹kevint› evening all
26/09/2006 15:26:34 ‹kevint› had nowhere to type there for a minutw
26/09/2006 15:26:50 ‹Paul› nor me - input box was weenie!
26/09/2006 15:26:55 ‹James› hi K
26/09/2006 15:27:06 ‹kevint› Its not the size that matters you know
26/09/2006 15:27:12 ‹James› Paul, those two sites that fail have a blank IP address box?
26/09/2006 15:27:15 ‹Paul› :'(
26/09/2006 15:27:36 ‹James› paul you have more monitors than anyone
26/09/2006 15:28:06 ‹Paul› um - they were there - maybe it's because I changed them from HTTP to Ping?
26/09/2006 15:28:26 ‹James› yes, changing a mode clears the boxes
26/09/2006 15:29:19 ‹Paul› just changed to http but still fails
26/09/2006 15:29:22 ‹James› when it was in there did you jsut have domain.com or http://www.domain.com ?
26/09/2006 15:29:37 ‹Paul› just domain
26/09/2006 15:29:59 ‹Paul› these setting were working though before I copied the new file over
26/09/2006 15:30:31 * kevint joins My room
26/09/2006 15:30:31 ‹Paul›
26/09/2006 21:26:47 Fail 589844
26/09/2006 15:31:12 ‹Paul› pinging www.siliconpixel.com from the ping box works
26/09/2006 15:31:19 ‹Paul› what does http do?
26/09/2006 15:32:08 * Gregg joins My room
26/09/2006 15:32:32 ‹James› grabs an http page from the address. I just tried http://www.siliconpixel.com and it worked fine with http
26/09/2006 15:32:59 ‹James› I think it must need teh http: to choose the protocol
26/09/2006 15:33:04 ‹James› hi gregg
26/09/2006 15:33:18 ‹Gregg› Hi all
26/09/2006 15:33:43 ‹kevint› hi
26/09/2006 15:33:44 ‹Paul› ah yes - that's working now
26/09/2006 15:33:57 ‹Paul› would it have changed in the latest release?
26/09/2006 15:34:05 ‹kevint› Well I have just managed to crash xap jabber
26/09/2006 15:34:16 ‹Paul› as it was working before unless it somehow modified the config file?
26/09/2006 15:34:42 ‹James› I've added scan but not changed the http bit well i don't think ui have!
26/09/2006 15:34:46 ‹kevint› winows said it was causing an error and was closing it down
26/09/2006 15:34:58 ‹James› I'll make it add http:// if it's not there
26/09/2006 15:35:29 ‹James› sounds like you're make to normal then K
26/09/2006 15:35:33 ‹Paul› cool - at least resolved now :)
26/09/2006 15:35:41 ‹James› make=back
26/09/2006 15:36:03 ‹James› was it doing anything prior to crash?
26/09/2006 15:36:14 ‹Paul› anyway have to run unfortunately - just a flying visit!
26/09/2006 15:36:19 ‹Paul› cya
26/09/2006 15:36:24 ‹James› bye
26/09/2006 15:37:05 ‹kevint› Well I just had to restart that box, was running xsb, xap jabber, weather, watcher, 4 cos it was stuck writing to disc
26/09/2006 15:37:36 ‹kevint› and was just getting it back hadnt used it
26/09/2006 15:37:56 * Ian B joins My room
26/09/2006 15:37:58 * Paul quit (timeout)
26/09/2006 15:38:00 ‹kevint› but btw you need to prevent 2 instances
26/09/2006 15:38:57 ‹kevint› and the xapjabber balloon tha says connected never times out
26/09/2006 15:39:59 ‹James› xAP Jabber uses a jabber dll which can pause if the system runs out of resources. If something else has an issue I have noticed it says its not responding, but clears itself whent he cause is removed
26/09/2006 15:40:03 ‹James› ok, and ok
26/09/2006 15:40:53 ‹kevint› it makes it impossibe to hover over athr icons on systray
26/09/2006 15:41:03 ‹kevint› other icons
26/09/2006 15:41:42 ‹James› k
26/09/2006 15:42:11 ‹kevint› If there is a resource problem it is since the last updat which included xsb xapjabber 4
26/09/2006 15:42:36 * kevint joins My room
26/09/2006 15:43:30 ‹James› 4 uses only a little memory, sb could use a bit but not too much. Probably just one to keep an eye on and see if it happens again
26/09/2006 15:43:55 ‹kevint› ok
26/09/2006 15:46:52 ‹kevint› for reference, xsb 29M, xjab 9M 4 8M watcher 4M, weather 6M
26/09/2006 15:47:46 ‹James› SB has to hold quite a few Queues in memory, hence why it's larger
26/09/2006 15:49:20 ‹kevint› Did you post some notes on configuring Skype and or MSM into xSB, or do they just have to be running on the same box?
26/09/2006 15:50:15 ‹James› xSB just listens for xAP IM messages
26/09/2006 15:51:39 ‹kevint› ah was it xaptel that had to monitor skype then, (dim memory from and earlier test setup)?
26/09/2006 15:51:58 ‹James› yes xAP tel did skype
26/09/2006 15:52:51 ‹James› xAP Jabber if connected to a jabber server that supports transports can list any contacts on any of the transports, I've tried msm, but aim, yahoo should be fine
26/09/2006 15:55:23 ‹kevint› ok, thanks, gotta go
26/09/2006 15:55:26 ‹James› you may of not seen it earlier, but I've added xAP hearbeat monitoring in to Ping3
26/09/2006 15:55:42 ‹kevint› oooh, my hero ;)
26/09/2006 15:55:53 ‹James› :-)
26/09/2006 15:56:02 ‹kevint› in a release version?
26/09/2006 15:56:18 ‹James› only added it last night
26/09/2006 15:56:35 ‹James› i'll email over a copy
26/09/2006 15:56:57 ‹James› and let you break it ;-)
26/09/2006 15:56:59 ‹kevint› I'll let you know if I break it ;)
26/09/2006 15:57:15 ‹James› i know you will
26/09/2006 15:57:33 ‹kevint› really have to go, bye all
26/09/2006 15:57:39 ‹James› bye
26/09/2006 15:58:04 * kevint quit
26/09/2006 15:59:05 * kevint quit (timeout)
26/09/2006 15:59:42 ‹James› hello Ian, didn't see you pop in
26/09/2006 16:00:35 ‹Ian B› hi, sorry, browsing at the same time
26/09/2006 16:01:23 ‹James› still busy then!
26/09/2006 16:01:46 * lehane joins My room
26/09/2006 16:02:12 ‹Ian B› too much so at the moment
26/09/2006 16:02:33 ‹Ian B› mainly family though not electronics
26/09/2006 16:03:09 ‹lehane› Hi all
26/09/2006 16:03:18 ‹James› i'm sure you'll get back to it
26/09/2006 16:03:19 ‹James› hi
26/09/2006 16:03:22 ‹Gregg› Hi Lehane
26/09/2006 16:03:29 ‹Ian B› winter time I expect
26/09/2006 16:03:45 ‹Ian B› Hi Lehane
26/09/2006 16:05:24 ‹lehane› G are you using AAH or Trixbox
26/09/2006 16:06:04 ‹Gregg› Sorry--working on a work asterisk problem--neither--straight-up *
26/09/2006 16:07:06 ‹Gregg› Are you planning on using one of those distros?
26/09/2006 16:07:08 ‹lehane› okay, finally got * working with 3xSIP, 1 Premicell and a SPA3000 for PSTN - not so easy!
26/09/2006 16:07:24 ‹lehane› Using Trixbox
26/09/2006 16:07:55 ‹James› lehane with the premicell, do you get any local echo problems?
26/09/2006 16:08:33 ‹lehane› hadn't noticed any outbound - haven't tried inbound. Using a Nokia 22
26/09/2006 16:08:57 ‹lehane› and clone X100
26/09/2006 16:09:19 ‹James› k, have one at work and the when calling from voip to internal pstn to premicell, there is a direct intenal echo
26/09/2006 16:09:51 ‹lehane› bad?
26/09/2006 16:10:34 ‹James› it's as loud as the remote caller
26/09/2006 16:11:08 ‹lehane› no, don't get that.
26/09/2006 16:11:55 ‹James› ok, I've got a feeling it will be one of those really fun faults to find
26/09/2006 16:12:23 ‹lehane› probably down to which clone X100 it is
26/09/2006 16:12:46 ‹Gregg› I will be happy to ship you mine so that it doesn't wind up in the landfill
26/09/2006 16:13:12 ‹James› It's a isdn30 e1 to our pstn switch
26/09/2006 16:13:23 ‹Gregg› ahh--ok--something decent
26/09/2006 16:13:34 ‹James› a real digium card too
26/09/2006 16:13:54 ‹Gregg› does that one have local accoustic echo cancellation built in?
26/09/2006 16:14:38 ‹James› pass, but if I go from voip to internal pstn to pstn then there is no echo at all, it's just calls going to the premicell
26/09/2006 16:15:37 ‹lehane› presumably the premicell isn't on the PRI card though?
26/09/2006 16:16:05 ‹James› no, it plugs into an analog channel on the pstn switch
26/09/2006 16:16:52 ‹James› i'm pretty sure it's an issue in the pstn switch not the voip
26/09/2006 16:16:59 ‹lehane› ok, I understand now, you have * and a PSTN PBX?
26/09/2006 16:17:12 ‹James› yep
26/09/2006 16:18:59 ‹lehane› changing subject, J, how are multiple timers handled which fire at the same time in floorplan?
26/09/2006 16:19:52 ‹Ian B› gotta go, kiddy nightmares to attend to
26/09/2006 16:19:53 ‹James› it can only run one at a time, so it would rattle through them in the order of creation
26/09/2006 16:20:03 ‹Ian B› catch you all another week
26/09/2006 16:20:04 ‹James› bfn
26/09/2006 16:20:07 ‹Ian B› byeee
26/09/2006 16:20:53 ‹lehane› ok, so multithreading on timers or scripts. So if script runs long it holds up execution of others?
26/09/2006 16:20:58 ‹lehane› bye Ian
26/09/2006 16:21:19 * Ian B quit (timeout)
26/09/2006 16:21:21 ‹James› yes
26/09/2006 16:21:40 ‹James› You can alwasy run two copies of floorplan if you like?
26/09/2006 16:22:03 ‹lehane› ok, just figuring out how to handle some of the heating functions
26/09/2006 16:22:06 ‹James› in the settigns file you can give each a different name and web port
26/09/2006 16:22:40 ‹lehane› I guess that's an option - one for the GUI and the other as a script engine
26/09/2006 16:22:46 ‹James› they do run pretty fast
26/09/2006 16:23:14 ‹James› indeed
26/09/2006 16:23:49 ‹James› i'm not sure how far I can go with vb6 and multithreading
26/09/2006 16:24:17 ‹lehane› I'd guess with WSH not very far.
26/09/2006 16:24:40 ‹James› nope
26/09/2006 16:25:22 ‹lehane› have you been asked for increased security, say on a per Map basis?
26/09/2006 16:25:40 ‹James› nope
26/09/2006 16:25:54 ‹James› security as in by IP or as a login?
26/09/2006 16:26:51 ‹lehane› by login or user assigned role - say a page/Map of heating controls not available to everyone
26/09/2006 16:28:08 ‹James› tbh it's not an area I've looked into. Is the security to stop the casual click by a family member or a hacker?
26/09/2006 16:28:23 ‹lehane› family member(s)!
26/09/2006 16:29:58 ‹James› k, I'll have to have a play and see what i can do. Should be possible to add a simple passcode to each tab
26/09/2006 16:31:19 ‹lehane› Great, I'd think anyone using the GUI for cntrl would find it useful
26/09/2006 16:31:49 ‹James› yep, I can see it a useful feature
26/09/2006 16:32:20 ‹James› back in one sec
26/09/2006 16:35:27 ‹Gregg› L - I've been remiss in getting you feedback on the TSC spec
26/09/2006 16:35:37 ‹Gregg› have any revisions been made?
26/09/2006 16:36:25 ‹lehane› no, still awaiting KH feedback. Have got Cadd arm/disarm working and fire alert too
26/09/2006 16:36:32 ‹lehane› cadd=caddx
26/09/2006 16:36:45 ‹Gregg› great! is that available for download/trialing?
26/09/2006 16:37:52 ‹lehane› real soon<tm>. I need to take all the debug out and that won't be this week and on hols next week but I will after that
26/09/2006 16:38:16 ‹Gregg› ok--well, I'll look forward to it whenever it's ready
26/09/2006 16:39:11 ‹Gregg› I don't recall whether you have temp/humidity sensors. Do you use a TOM10?
26/09/2006 16:39:17 ‹lehane› OK, I was surprised that the old code didn't handle 'fire' alarms
26/09/2006 16:40:00 ‹lehane› yes TOM10 but I'd like some humidity sensors
26/09/2006 16:40:25 ‹Gregg› http://www.limings.net/xap/oxc/
26/09/2006 16:40:59 ‹Gregg› since you are now the proud owner of a *nix box, then you need to load it up :)
26/09/2006 16:41:53 ‹Gregg› currently, it connects w/ digitemp (www.digitemp.com)
26/09/2006 16:42:34 ‹Gregg› and reports temp/humidity (and eventually raw analog/counters) via BSC; that will change once TSC is available
26/09/2006 16:43:51 ‹lehane› does the dt1a support humidity or are you using something else?
26/09/2006 16:44:53 ‹Gregg› something else; but I believe relying on the same design; it's quite accurate
26/09/2006 16:45:44 ‹Gregg› I have a couple of these - http://www.hobby-boards.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24&;products_id=54
26/09/2006 16:46:14 ‹Gregg› also, a special board that has an aspirator fan in it ('cause that's essential for reliable outdoor humidity) and fits in a David passive radiator
26/09/2006 16:46:16 ‹lehane› have you seen the xapmcs1wire stuff (or the whole raft of xapmcs..... stuff). Aha - I was going to get some of those for the bathrooms...
26/09/2006 16:47:11 ‹Gregg› no--I didn't realize that there was a working one-wire xAP solution
26/09/2006 16:49:08 ‹lehane› believe so - I can't put my finger on the link - hang on a sec...
26/09/2006 16:50:48 ‹lehane› http://board.homeseer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=747
26/09/2006 16:53:04 ‹Gregg› so, do you know how these "plugins" work? Do they require homeseer?
26/09/2006 16:54:01 ‹lehane› I haven't had a look in detail. I started looking after I found the dead link on the wiki
26/09/2006 16:54:47 ‹lehane› right now I don't have the right one wire interface but the exe runs.
26/09/2006 16:55:42 ‹lehane› I think they are standalone and rely on the xAP Homeseer conduit
26/09/2006 16:56:21 ‹Gregg› ahh--so, they could be used by any xAP-compliant app
26/09/2006 16:57:01 ‹James› back
26/09/2006 16:57:20 ‹James› mcs has his own xAP plugin that they use.
26/09/2006 16:57:55 ‹Gregg› so, it can or can't be used on it's own w/o homeseer?
26/09/2006 16:58:03 ‹James› He uses a variant of BSC and a custom schema to make them work
26/09/2006 16:58:31 ‹James› It should work on it's own, they tend to have lots ( and lots) on configuring to do
26/09/2006 16:59:03 ‹Gregg› I'm quite accustomed to that; sometimes configuring is a good idea
26/09/2006 16:59:21 ‹lehane› There's a heck of a lot of them....
26/09/2006 17:14:05 ‹lehane› gotta go - trying to find a hotel room for trip on thurs that doesn't want an arm and both legs... catch you in 2 weeks..
26/09/2006 17:14:33 ‹Gregg› later--I've got to get something to eat as well
26/09/2006 17:14:49 ‹James› bye guys