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19/09/2006 15:01:10 ‹James› Hi
19/09/2006 15:28:15 * kevint joins My room
19/09/2006 15:28:32 ‹James› helooooooo
19/09/2006 15:28:41 ‹kevint› hi
19/09/2006 15:29:05 ‹kevint› its a bit quiet ?
19/09/2006 15:29:32 ‹James› yep, just needs tumble weed going by
19/09/2006 15:30:30 ‹kevint› There has been no talk posted for a couple of weeks on the wiki?
19/09/2006 15:31:12 ‹James› last week was quiet too and the week before was totally non xap
19/09/2006 15:31:35 ‹kevint› ahh
19/09/2006 15:31:48 ‹kevint› I see you have been busy and I have some catching up to do
19/09/2006 15:32:55 ‹James› yep, got a few more to come too. Ping3, Four and a little utility for copying pics off flash cards
19/09/2006 15:34:01 ‹kevint› I have also just got a Quasar 3145 and some temperature sensors so I am going to give that a go
19/09/2006 15:34:29 ‹James› is that using Edwards connector?
19/09/2006 15:34:37 ‹kevint› so lets do some advertising, remind me what 4 was
19/09/2006 15:34:52 ‹James› the chat bot
19/09/2006 15:35:08 ‹kevint› yes, I think thats what Im going to use
19/09/2006 15:35:47 ‹kevint› and the pic thing, how is that different to the windows Camera and Scanner wizard
19/09/2006 15:36:16 ‹James› the idea is it runs from the server and you put a card reader by the front door.
19/09/2006 15:36:45 ‹James› it notices a card is inserted and then using rules copys the photos off. Annoucing what its doing over xap speech
19/09/2006 15:37:53 ‹James› It's actually really convenient. I even use it to copy photos instead of using my pc
19/09/2006 15:38:05 ‹kevint› presumably it names them with xapdate format and puts it in a separate folder
19/09/2006 15:38:44 ‹James› an example config could be C:\Source\FlashCopy\%TAG%\%Y%\%MW%\%D% %DW%
19/09/2006 15:39:19 ‹James› but you can put a tag or path override on the flash card so each card can go somewhere different
19/09/2006 15:40:19 ‹kevint› I can see that you would find that a useful gadget ;)
19/09/2006 15:41:07 * Ianb joins My room
19/09/2006 15:41:07 ‹James› well it works for me!
19/09/2006 15:41:13 ‹kevint› so an extenson of this could be a "whos home" board
19/09/2006 15:41:34 ‹kevint› I have bee wondering what to do with my colledtion of 16 meg xd cards
19/09/2006 15:41:55 ‹kevint› evening Ian
19/09/2006 15:41:55 ‹Ianb› Hi all, bit late tonight
19/09/2006 15:42:20 ‹Ianb› glad to see everything up and running again :-D
19/09/2006 15:42:28 ‹kevint› ant btw wot time zone is the system on?
19/09/2006 15:42:46 ‹James› o so each family member has their own flash card reader Hadn't really thought of that. I had thought of simply having a single reader by the door as people came in. But it's easy enough to put a name on the card and get it read
19/09/2006 15:43:01 ‹James› lol, not this time zone
19/09/2006 15:43:05 ‹James› hi ian
19/09/2006 15:43:18 ‹James› the new server is in the states somewhere
19/09/2006 15:43:21 ‹Ianb› this is US time - Atlanta etc.
19/09/2006 15:43:31 ‹Ianb› I know, deal with them a lot
19/09/2006 15:44:02 ‹Ianb› well, almost - one zone along. Maths not working at this time of night
19/09/2006 15:44:08 ‹Ianb› :-(
19/09/2006 15:44:37 ‹Ianb› sort of middle right of the States I guess
19/09/2006 15:44:38 ‹James› well maths shouldn't be used after 9.30 anyway
19/09/2006 15:44:48 ‹Ianb› damn right :-)
19/09/2006 15:45:32 ‹kevint› James, as a complete Jabber dummy, tell me what your xap jabber system needs to run and wot it can do for me pls
19/09/2006 15:45:55 ‹kevint› I meant I am the jabber dummy of course ;)
19/09/2006 15:46:08 ‹James› jabber is the same as any other IM system
19/09/2006 15:46:23 ‹James› every one including the xAP jabber is a user
19/09/2006 15:46:41 ‹James› so xAP jabber logs on to a/any jabber server with an account
19/09/2006 15:47:03 ‹James› then from your own account ( a different one) you add xAP jabber to your roster
19/09/2006 15:47:26 ‹James› once done. xAP display messages get sent from the bot to yourself
19/09/2006 15:47:43 ‹James› you can send commands to the house and the house can send messages to you
19/09/2006 15:48:10 ‹James› that's it really
19/09/2006 15:48:48 ‹James› the only difference with jabber from skype,msm... is that users from different domains can talk to each other,like you can with email
19/09/2006 15:49:03 ‹kevint› So I would need two accounts on a Jabber server somewhere out there and xap jabber on my local net
19/09/2006 15:49:12 ‹James› yep
19/09/2006 15:49:25 ‹kevint› and the new bot 4 does what?
19/09/2006 15:49:53 ‹James› so it's a little different to how you run skype where xaptel and your user share the same account
19/09/2006 15:50:10 ‹James› the new bot? I've only done 1!
19/09/2006 15:50:22 ‹James› if you mean Four?
19/09/2006 15:50:33 ‹James› Four works with xAP jabber
19/09/2006 15:50:38 ‹kevint› you said 4 was a bot
19/09/2006 15:51:09 ‹James›  :$ bad choiuce of words
19/09/2006 15:51:36 ‹kevint› so 4 does what then?
19/09/2006 15:52:05 ‹James› Four is the chat element. it translates 'Is the door open?' to 'Door is currently open' using all of it's clever bitsnbobs
19/09/2006 15:52:24 ‹kevint› nice
19/09/2006 15:52:36 ‹James› it talks to switchboard,floorplan,wikipedia and soon ping to get the data
19/09/2006 15:53:17 ‹kevint› going back a bit, these two accounts that are needed, presumably I can get free accounts somewhere
19/09/2006 15:53:18 ‹James› although you can't be too free with your language
19/09/2006 15:53:57 ‹James› go to jabber.org there are loads of servers, find a nice uk one
19/09/2006 15:54:03 ‹kevint› and doe that require another local software installation in addition to xAPJabber and Four?
19/09/2006 15:54:08 ‹James› ( i run my own one here)
19/09/2006 15:54:26 ‹kevint› but public ones are ok?
19/09/2006 15:54:48 ‹James› the only proviso is that it needs a server that can talk unencrypted. most do but i do know that googletalk does not
19/09/2006 15:55:31 ‹James› http://www.jabber.org.uk/ is porbably fine
19/09/2006 15:56:03 ‹kevint› IOK I will gie this a go before next week then, thanks for the explanation
19/09/2006 15:57:33 ‹James› it would be so useful if all the other networks just use jabber, it just seems to work as it should
19/09/2006 15:58:15 ‹kevint› So Skype and msm dont talk to xap jabber?
19/09/2006 15:58:56 ‹James› oh btw, you make a new account via the client just just get one, Pandion.be is the one i use and the sign in box has a new user button
19/09/2006 15:59:04 ‹James› nope
19/09/2006 15:59:38 ‹James› gizmoproject,googletalk are the big jabber servers
19/09/2006 16:00:05 ‹kevint› OT I am looking for sympathy, my ipod 4 g has died :(
19/09/2006 16:00:24 ‹James› but there are loads of 'em plus most of the new IM solutions on mobile networks use jabber
19/09/2006 16:00:33 ‹James› nope no sympthy
19/09/2006 16:00:46 ‹James› you've got an excuse to buy one of the new models
19/09/2006 16:01:40 ‹kevint› I use(d) mine in my car with my pioneer MP3 CD player, I will have to see if the newer models fit
19/09/2006 16:02:03 ‹kevint› I use ( d )
19/09/2006 16:02:39 ‹James› i thought the all had the same dock
19/09/2006 16:03:39 ‹kevint› maybe the docs came out b4 the newer models then, cos it only gos up to 4g
19/09/2006 16:04:18 ‹kevint› but anyway its difficult to see the videos and photos when the ipod is in the glove compartment ;)
19/09/2006 16:05:25 ‹James› not really sure i would ever watch a video on an ipod
19/09/2006 16:07:08 ‹kevint› I remember saying once, what on earth do you need a cga card on that IBM PC for ;) but then I turned into a grumpy old man
19/09/2006 16:07:34 ‹James› no comment
19/09/2006 16:09:00 ‹James› so what is the next netcomp xAP app then ;-) ?
19/09/2006 16:09:33 ‹kevint› slightly embarrassed cos ive done no wrk on it for a couple of months
19/09/2006 16:10:13 ‹James› ok, so next week then
19/09/2006 16:10:43 ‹kevint› I was working on the Aviosys IP Power connector,the big brother of the one I have already posted
19/09/2006 16:12:12 ‹kevint› Unfortunately I made some assumptions/fudges when I did the earlier connector, which dont affect it, but do mean I need to start from scratch to do a proper job
19/09/2006 16:12:14 ‹James› are there any things from digidave you havn't got?
19/09/2006 16:12:50 ‹kevint› i havent got the cheap sensor board,,,
19/09/2006 16:13:32 ‹kevint› unfortunately the docs are not great, and the example code is a little odd
19/09/2006 16:13:50 ‹James› sounds about right
19/09/2006 16:14:33 ‹kevint› shame really cos the boxes are really nicely done and solid
19/09/2006 16:14:34 * Edward joins My room
19/09/2006 16:15:18 ‹kevint› Can I ask what anyone is using to monitor their email server with xap?
19/09/2006 16:15:29 ‹James› Hi E ( hope my long email wasn't too rambling)
19/09/2006 16:15:30 ‹kevint› evening edward
19/09/2006 16:15:51 ‹James› Ping3, naturally
19/09/2006 16:16:07 ‹James› monitor as it check it's running not check for new mail
19/09/2006 16:16:47 ‹kevint› (edward) In case you missed it I will be trying out your 3145 connector soon, you have been warned ;)
19/09/2006 16:17:33 ‹kevint› ah yes I understand ping annd watcher and use them but I meant email accounts on the server,....
19/09/2006 16:17:47 ‹Edward› Now there's a blast from the past - I wrote it to learn c#, I have to think what the code is like.
19/09/2006 16:17:54 ‹James› i used to use SB's Pop3 monitor
19/09/2006 16:18:35 ‹kevint› and now?
19/09/2006 16:18:47 ‹James› i use imap, so i'm stuffed
19/09/2006 16:19:09 ‹kevint› and was SB's good?
19/09/2006 16:19:23 ‹James› yep it was fine
19/09/2006 16:19:44 ‹kevint› (e) well I will be gentle with it...
19/09/2006 16:20:03 ‹kevint› ( the 3145 connector )
19/09/2006 16:20:31 ‹James› the pop3 service version is on mi4 btw
19/09/2006 16:20:49 ‹Edward› Just joined - what's the interst in the 3145 (do they even still make it?)
19/09/2006 16:20:51 ‹kevint› I just looked ;)
19/09/2006 16:21:23 ‹kevint› oh yes still made, just my latest acquisition
19/09/2006 16:21:40 ‹kevint› I was going to plug it into an MS100
19/09/2006 16:22:34 ‹kevint› I think its the tom 10 that is no longer made ?
19/09/2006 16:23:20 ‹Edward› I once thought about writing some embedded xAP code for the MS1000 - but no more than that.
19/09/2006 16:24:13 ‹kevint› C# and there is a dev kit available
19/09/2006 16:24:20 ‹kevint› I think
19/09/2006 16:24:52 ‹Edward› Plaon old C (or maybe C++)
19/09/2006 16:24:57 ‹kevint› Happy to donate an MS100 to anyone wanting to revisit that project
19/09/2006 16:25:08 ‹Edward› Definitely not c#
19/09/2006 16:25:27 ‹James› I thnk KH said it was C
19/09/2006 16:25:30 ‹Edward› I still have the one that KevinH managed to sell to me!
19/09/2006 16:25:42 ‹Edward› Gathering dust
19/09/2006 16:26:03 ‹Edward› I'm sure it'll come in handy sometime :-)
19/09/2006 16:26:31 ‹kevint› talking of gathering dust I have a couple of dual RS422 ISA cards free to a good home
19/09/2006 16:27:07 ‹Edward› Anyhow - connector should work just fine with the virtual port s/w
19/09/2006 16:27:17 ‹Edward› Dad, what's ISA?
19/09/2006 16:27:20 ‹Edward› :-)
19/09/2006 16:27:37 ‹James› he was talking about CGA earlier too
19/09/2006 16:28:20 ‹kevint› No ganging upp on me now ;)
19/09/2006 16:28:45 ‹James› ({)
19/09/2006 16:31:30 ‹kevint› So Edward has KH finished trying to break your latest x10 connector?
19/09/2006 16:32:02 ‹Edward› Not heard anything so I assume so.
19/09/2006 16:32:24 ‹Edward› I'll release it as soon as I've finished playing with SlimServer
19/09/2006 16:32:44 ‹Edward› And then get on with the .Net 2 version
19/09/2006 16:33:23 ‹James› E, on the slimserver. what schemas can i send to it?
19/09/2006 16:33:53 ‹Edward› I've been following the schema on xapautomation.org
19/09/2006 16:34:23 ‹Edward› But substituting 'slim' for 'slimp3' on send
19/09/2006 16:34:24 ‹James› so just xap-audio and bsc?
19/09/2006 16:34:31 ‹Edward› receice takes either
19/09/2006 16:34:59 ‹Edward› Everything on that web page
19/09/2006 16:35:15 ‹Edward› There's lots
19/09/2006 16:35:31 ‹James› did the points in my mail make sense?
19/09/2006 16:35:54 ‹Edward› Yes - huge thanks for that!
19/09/2006 16:36:17 ‹Edward› Not sure if the BSC support is quite right
19/09/2006 16:36:19 ‹James› I do know that i'll have to add support so slim.event for IR as i currently look for slimp3.event and ir.receive
19/09/2006 16:36:51 ‹James› well the dash in the class kinda stuffs my testing as Floorplan ignores it!
19/09/2006 16:37:29 ‹Edward› I could change it back to slimp3 easily if other are dependent on it.
19/09/2006 16:38:05 ‹Edward› bsc-info - that'll take me at least 30 seconds to fit
19/09/2006 16:38:41 ‹Edward› SliMP3 is the name of a product they don't even make anymore
19/09/2006 16:38:58 ‹Edward› I could make it a config option
19/09/2006 16:39:06 ‹James› well with all the users of HS/HS2 and floorplan then I would be nice to stick with the slimp3.event or just use the ir.receive
19/09/2006 16:39:56 ‹Edward› Was thinking of having three BSC endpoints for each player: power (binary), volume/mute (level) and, display (text)
19/09/2006 16:40:32 ‹Edward› Where is ir.receive documented?
19/09/2006 16:40:36 ‹James› could power jsut be the state in the volume endpoint?
19/09/2006 16:40:54 ‹Edward› That's how it is at the moment
19/09/2006 16:41:50 ‹Edward› But no BSC interface for play/pause (sorry, four endpoints)
19/09/2006 16:42:05 ‹James› i think ir.receive was SB's redrat
19/09/2006 16:42:09 ‹Edward› power volume, play mode, display
19/09/2006 16:42:40 ‹Edward› And you think his slim connector supports it too?
19/09/2006 16:43:04 ‹Edward› (redrat got one of those too - somewhere...)
19/09/2006 16:43:26 ‹James› SB's slim user slimp3.event
19/09/2006 16:44:00 ‹kevint› redrat is a good gadget ;)
19/09/2006 16:44:04 ‹James› i was just thinking instead of goint to slim.event use a real generic schema
19/09/2006 16:44:25 ‹James› it has very good range
19/09/2006 16:58:51 * Ianb quit (timeout)
19/09/2006 17:05:28 ‹Edward› James - what do you mean "Default heartbeat is blank not say 60"?
19/09/2006 17:05:54 ‹James› in the slimeserver web config
19/09/2006 17:06:12 ‹James› when the plugin loaded it defaulted to an empty box
19/09/2006 17:06:52 ‹Edward› Ah, yes, OK - not in the hb message
19/09/2006 17:07:19 ‹James› no, although i don't know what it would do if it remained blank?
19/09/2006 17:08:07 ‹Edward› It gets set to 60
19/09/2006 17:08:19 ‹James› o
19/09/2006 17:08:42 ‹Edward› If you'd left it blank and then gone back to the page it would have said 60 (still a bugette though)
19/09/2006 17:09:05 ‹James› ok, a really minor bugette then
19/09/2006 17:10:32 ‹Edward› url encoded pathnames - is that not what you'd expect? (I've not cross checked with SB's)
19/09/2006 17:11:16 ‹James› not sure really what to expect just though i would mention it
19/09/2006 17:11:48 ‹James› i suppose url encoded is the safe way
19/09/2006 17:11:53 ‹Edward› Still bothered about the whole xAP char set issue - loads of my music collection has accent's and umlauts in the file names and the meta data
19/09/2006 17:13:41 ‹James› well as long as it's in the standard ascii set and not chr(10) then you're ok
19/09/2006 17:15:25 ‹Edward› Sorry, went off on one - focus, focus
19/09/2006 17:15:58 ‹James› :-)
19/09/2006 17:16:16 ‹Edward› There'll be an updated plugin in your inbox shortly...
19/09/2006 17:17:14 ‹James› oh goody
19/09/2006 17:38:59 ‹kevint› night all
19/09/2006 17:39:14 ‹James› night
19/09/2006 17:40:35 * kevint quit (timeout)