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22/08/2006 20:45:50 * PaulG joins My room
22/08/2006 20:46:18 ‹PaulG› Here I am - Billy no-mates, all on my own!
22/08/2006 20:46:42 ‹PaulG› If you type hard enough, you can hear a echo....
22/08/2006 21:00:53 * James joins My room
22/08/2006 21:01:02 ‹James› hi bill
22/08/2006 21:01:50 ‹PaulG› Bill???
22/08/2006 21:01:57 ‹PaulG› Oh duh
22/08/2006 21:02:00 ‹James› Here I am - Billy no-mates
22/08/2006 21:02:03 ‹PaulG› billy you mean
22/08/2006 21:02:11 ‹PaulG› :)
22/08/2006 21:02:12 ‹James› so you broke speech then
22/08/2006 21:02:17 ‹PaulG› yes
22/08/2006 21:02:25 ‹James› that's a Kevin skill usually
22/08/2006 21:02:31 ‹PaulG› I like smashing things
22/08/2006 21:02:47 ‹James› the first, network, issue i understand.. econd one - no idea
22/08/2006 21:03:07 ‹James› did any thing else happen the second time
22/08/2006 21:03:12 ‹PaulG› I'll keep monitoring it in case it was still related
22/08/2006 21:03:15 ‹James› do you remember the error message
22/08/2006 21:03:31 ‹PaulG› not sure - didn't see when it crashed
22/08/2006 21:03:37 ‹PaulG› same error
22/08/2006 21:03:52 ‹PaulG› Run time error 10065 – no route to host
22/08/2006 21:04:07 ‹James› hmm, i've only ever seen that error when a net card is disconnected
22/08/2006 21:04:52 ‹PaulG› Now the network is nice and stable again - i'll monitor
22/08/2006 21:05:04 ‹PaulG› and let you know if it happens again
22/08/2006 21:05:13 ‹James› ta muchly
22/08/2006 21:05:23 ‹James› did you notice any improvements in sound quality?
22/08/2006 21:05:38 ‹PaulG› no
22/08/2006 21:05:46 ‹PaulG› ???
22/08/2006 21:05:55 ‹James› i did a tweak that fixed a sample rate issue that only effected my server with natular voices
22/08/2006 21:06:08 ‹James› natural
22/08/2006 21:06:19 ‹PaulG› I'm now using Neospeech voices
22/08/2006 21:06:26 ‹James› are they any good?
22/08/2006 21:06:55 ‹PaulG› yes - little bit better than NV as they load quicker - but no English - only US
22/08/2006 21:07:08 ‹James› :-(
22/08/2006 21:07:45 ‹James› when I first ordered my NV disks the uk ones were missing. so i had the US voice for a week... don't want to do that agin
22/08/2006 21:08:46 ‹PaulG› I've mostly run the US voices - but now I'm running on fast PC, maybe I should re-install NV - bought it from NextUp
22/08/2006 21:09:00 ‹PaulG› but my older ver has some problems I think
22/08/2006 21:09:19 ‹PaulG› not sure if newer vers are better loading etc
22/08/2006 21:09:37 ‹James› mine is a 1.3
22/08/2006 21:09:57 ‹James› takes 30sec for the first voice after lauch, then it's instant
22/08/2006 21:10:01 ‹PaulG› mmm - think mine may be too
22/08/2006 21:10:15 * Edward joins My room
22/08/2006 21:10:17 ‹PaulG› how about after a day or two without speaking?
22/08/2006 21:10:33 ‹James› um, dunno.. mine's quite chatty
22/08/2006 21:10:44 ‹James› Realspeak TTS sound quite nice
22/08/2006 21:10:55 ‹James› hi edward
22/08/2006 21:11:04 ‹Edward› Hi!
22/08/2006 21:11:06 ‹PaulG› mine used to take ages again - but then I had a problem with memory - not enough - and FTP prog was taking HUGE memory
22/08/2006 21:11:17 ‹PaulG› yes - not bad
22/08/2006 21:11:24 ‹Edward› Kevin H just reminded me that this was on by Skype
22/08/2006 21:11:40 ‹James› i run all my apps on a via 1.3 with 512 and yet to hit any issues
22/08/2006 21:11:41 ‹Edward› He says he can't see mi4.biz for some reason
22/08/2006 21:11:53 ‹PaulG› the latest voices via NextUp will only work with their s/w though :(
22/08/2006 21:12:26 ‹PaulG› some really nice ones - but theor licencing restrics
22/08/2006 21:12:29 ‹James› well as it works for us it's probably ntl playing up again
22/08/2006 21:13:14 ‹James› it's really annoying when a license gets in a way. I you buy it it's yours and you shouldn'ty be stopped using it
22/08/2006 21:13:48 ‹PaulG› I think they wanted to stop corporates using the engine without paying thousands
22/08/2006 21:13:58 ‹Edward› Kevin says - hmm Can you find out what the IP is as the name wont resolve here - www.mi4.net will though but /talk/ goes back to .biz
22/08/2006 21:13:58 ‹PaulG› for their server products
22/08/2006 21:15:00 ‹James› .biz is
22/08/2006 21:18:20 ‹Edward› odd - bings up a cPanel page saying no website at this address - must be some redirection going on
22/08/2006 21:18:38 ‹James› it on a ashared hosting deal
22/08/2006 21:19:28 ‹Edward› OK - so he'a a bit stuffed then :-/
22/08/2006 21:19:48 ‹James› i thinks Kevin's broken himself
22/08/2006 21:19:50 ‹Edward› Kevin says - Well - say hello to everyone 4 me - & sorry can't be there ....
22/08/2006 21:20:40 ‹Edward› Kevin Says - could u ask J if he can pop up on Skype too ... tks (which will save me from copy and pasting all these messages)
22/08/2006 21:21:26 ‹James› i would do but skype won't let me login... gah technology!
22/08/2006 21:21:58 ‹Edward› Spent the weekend messing about with SlimServer - managed to create a native xAP enabled version all in Perl, rather pleased with myself!
22/08/2006 21:22:20 ‹James› oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
22/08/2006 21:23:21 ‹James› does it do display message queuing?
22/08/2006 21:23:26 ‹Edward› Well, it only does one BSC endpoint for each player - controls power and volume - but it proved the concept
22/08/2006 21:23:54 ‹Edward› I dumped a whole bunch of code from Greg L's ZoneMinder connector into it
22/08/2006 21:24:09 ‹James› i currently am using the xpl slim support with floorplan doing message translation. bu it's not very good as the xpl has no queue so messages wipe each other out
22/08/2006 21:24:53 ‹James› that's true, he has quite a nice set of xAp libs in perl
22/08/2006 21:25:19 ‹Edward› based on MisterHouse stuff I understand
22/08/2006 21:25:24 ‹Edward› (not looked at that)
22/08/2006 21:25:34 ‹James› yep, he used it for asterisk too
22/08/2006 21:25:49 ‹James› seems like all the good stuff is java or perl
22/08/2006 21:26:21 ‹Edward› I hated Perl with a passion for many, many years - only recently 'got it'
22/08/2006 21:26:51 ‹James› I'm still at the 'erm' stage with it
22/08/2006 21:27:48 ‹Edward› And now I've gone back to the HouseBot plugin
22/08/2006 21:28:16 ‹Edward› which is C++ and C# mixed up in a rather nasty combination
22/08/2006 21:28:40 ‹Edward› They don't get on together too well but it seems to be working now
22/08/2006 21:28:41 ‹James› that's the meebo app it's it?
22/08/2006 21:29:24 ‹Edward› It was Meedio
22/08/2006 21:29:44 ‹James› ah, well i nearly got the spelling right
22/08/2006 21:29:53 ‹Edward› They bought it from the developer Scott and then did nothing with it for two years
22/08/2006 21:30:15 ‹Edward› Meedio gave up a and sold out to Yahoo
22/08/2006 21:30:31 ‹Edward› but fortunately sold HouseBot back to Scott
22/08/2006 21:30:54 ‹James› and hopyfully scott made somthing out of all that
22/08/2006 21:31:53 ‹James› just reading your posts on their forum
22/08/2006 21:32:35 ‹PaulG› Either of you use an auto cover art finder/downloader for your music?
22/08/2006 21:32:45 ‹Edward› His sanity I think
22/08/2006 21:32:54 ‹James› i used a script from the slimerver foums
22/08/2006 21:32:58 ‹Edward› I wrote my own!
22/08/2006 21:33:11 ‹PaulG› is it any good ;)
22/08/2006 21:33:18 ‹Edward› Grabs stuff of Amazon using their webservice interface
22/08/2006 21:33:29 ‹James› seesm like people are keen with housebot and the dev seems interested too
22/08/2006 21:33:30 ‹PaulG› automatic or manual?
22/08/2006 21:33:53 ‹Edward› It's very much a prototype but does the job most of the time
22/08/2006 21:33:56 ‹James› one i used was auto
22/08/2006 21:33:58 ‹Edward› automatic
22/08/2006 21:34:08 ‹PaulG› is it available?
22/08/2006 21:35:00 ‹Edward› by email
22/08/2006 21:35:12 ‹PaulG› sur e:)
22/08/2006 21:35:23 ‹PaulG› paul @ siliconpixel.com
22/08/2006 21:35:43 ‹PaulG› thanks
22/08/2006 21:36:18 ‹James› i think i used this one, but no doubt E's is better http://www.pfarrell.com/music/slimserver/slimsoftware.html
22/08/2006 21:38:24 ‹Edward› Expectations seem to be set wrong here - I knocked it up in a couple of hours
22/08/2006 21:39:14 ‹Edward› Thinking about it - you'll need to register with Amazon webservices as a developer to get a security code - easy and free
22/08/2006 21:40:08 ‹Edward› Otherwise I think I'll be off-contract with them
22/08/2006 21:40:21 ‹PaulG› ok
22/08/2006 21:41:08 ‹PaulG› don't worry if it's too dificult - I'll try MediaMonkey first...
22/08/2006 21:41:48 ‹James› oh, need an opinion.. I've knocked up a alittle app for use here and don't know if it would be of any use to anyone
22/08/2006 21:42:10 ‹James› I have a SD card read on a long usb extension next to the front door
22/08/2006 21:42:31 ‹PaulG› yes
22/08/2006 21:42:45 ‹Edward› So the postman can deliver files?
22/08/2006 21:42:48 ‹James› the app monitors it and when a card is inserted it copies any photos up to a server and wipes the card ready for use
22/08/2006 21:43:21 ‹James› and it does xAP so it uses xAP speech to say what it's doing
22/08/2006 21:44:06 ‹PaulG› Would be good to organise those files properly then...
22/08/2006 21:44:45 ‹James› just makes for structured card backups and needs no user PC use,,
22/08/2006 21:45:19 ‹James› it currently makes a folder with the date and puts the pic in it
22/08/2006 21:45:21 ‹PaulG› how does it save the files - structure?
22/08/2006 21:45:28 ‹Edward› I'm not getting it - what's it for?
22/08/2006 21:45:41 ‹James› just a YYYY MM DD folder name
22/08/2006 21:46:36 * PaulG joins My room
22/08/2006 21:46:37 ‹James› E, imagine a crad reader by your front door. you come home with a digital camera with pics on it, just put the card it and the server pulls the pics off, saves them and wipes the card
22/08/2006 21:47:08 ‹PaulG› dangerous if something goes wrong with the copy - wiping the card!
22/08/2006 21:47:20 ‹James› does a verify first
22/08/2006 21:47:41 ‹PaulG› bloomin Intranet Launcher - re-using IE windows - have you hade those changes yet!!!  ;)
22/08/2006 21:47:54 ‹PaulG› cool - sounds interesting
22/08/2006 21:48:09 ‹James› lol, no.. anyway blame windows, i'm just usign the standard protcol handler
22/08/2006 21:48:24 ‹PaulG› I'm forever just bunging pic folders on my desktop cos I can't be arsed to do anything with them
22/08/2006 21:48:36 ‹James› k, I'll make it flexible then.. currently its all hard coded!
22/08/2006 21:48:49 ‹PaulG› ...well get it done then - swore at my PC several times today alone ;)
22/08/2006 21:49:31 ‹PaulG› :-D
22/08/2006 21:49:51 ‹James› i tend to not use teh intranet launcher's links a i mainly use a live book mark in FF
22/08/2006 21:50:09 ‹James› I use all the display stuff though
22/08/2006 21:50:13 ‹PaulG› wots a live BM?
22/08/2006 21:51:04 ‹James› it's a Favorite that links to an rss feed, and presents each item from the rss feed in a drop down
22/08/2006 21:51:34 ‹PaulG› how does that look? never used RSS
22/08/2006 21:51:39 ‹James› end result is a button on the tool bar which drops down with a link to each intranet app
22/08/2006 21:51:42 ‹PaulG› wot does it how you?
22/08/2006 21:51:54 ‹PaulG› show
22/08/2006 21:52:16 * lehane joins My room
22/08/2006 21:53:02 ‹James› http://johnbokma.com/firefox/live-bookmarks.png just where each news story is I have a link to each intranet app
22/08/2006 21:53:55 ‹PaulG› ok
22/08/2006 21:54:03 ‹James› the rss feed is : works from any intranet app
22/08/2006 21:55:34 ‹James› or jsut click on teh xml icon on any app and it will be the one at the bottom of the list
22/08/2006 21:55:35 ‹Edward› I emailed the art grabber - to your 'groups' account
22/08/2006 21:56:37 ‹PaulG› thanks
22/08/2006 21:56:56 ‹lehane› Hi all. Edward, how's the Dynalite going?
22/08/2006 21:56:56 ‹James› :-( This message has had one or more attachments removed (GrabAmazonArt.exe). Please read the "UniversalNS-Attachment-Warning.txt"
22/08/2006 21:57:03 ‹James› :'(
22/08/2006 21:57:38 ‹PaulG› got to go now - nice chattin
22/08/2006 21:57:46 ‹James› byee
22/08/2006 21:57:57 ‹PaulG› episode of 24 waiting in the DVD player...
22/08/2006 21:57:58 ‹James› hi lehane
22/08/2006 21:58:01 ‹PaulG› c ya
22/08/2006 21:59:21 * PaulG quit (timeout)
22/08/2006 21:59:39 ‹lehane› Hi James, see you've been busy
22/08/2006 22:00:14 ‹James› yep, alot of it is down to the jabber bot and all it's requirements fo talking to other apps
22/08/2006 22:00:49 ‹lehane› I've been brushing up on Perl for the Caddx conduit http://www.honeycottage.mm-wave.com/caddx.htm
22/08/2006 22:01:16 ‹lehane› but I prefer c#!
22/08/2006 22:01:47 ‹James› :-( Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed (Grabber.zip, GrabAmazonArt.exe). Please read the "UniversalNS-Attachment-Warning.txt" attachment(s) for more information.
22/08/2006 22:02:04 ‹James› One day i must get beyond vb6!
22/08/2006 22:02:20 ‹James› php is as far as i've got really
22/08/2006 22:03:01 ‹lehane› never got to php..
22/08/2006 22:04:52 ‹James› we must get you apps into the wiki
22/08/2006 22:05:36 ‹James› esp the dmx one and now the caddx
22/08/2006 22:06:47 ‹lehane› Yep. In theory the DMX is still beta but it's been running the house for 6 weeks, with the inevitable reboots due to playing...
22/08/2006 22:07:38 ‹James› are those NJD dmx boxes any good then?
22/08/2006 22:08:04 ‹James› also do they use much electricity when at 0%?
22/08/2006 22:08:30 ‹lehane› Very. Not very much - mainly the PIC and the LED's
22/08/2006 22:08:32 ‹James› ah the playing reboots.. the developer friend
22/08/2006 22:09:07 ‹lehane› Yeah! 2003 keeps asking why :-S
22/08/2006 22:09:21 ‹James› K, i just remember that teh zero88, strand and logix dimmers were quite leaky or had a lot of pre-heat on the lamps when at 0%
22/08/2006 22:09:44 ‹Edward› [shy's away, remembering that he owes Lehane a reply to a not so recent email]
22/08/2006 22:09:57 ‹lehane› you can set that with the NJD's. The soundlab ones burn out trannies when off!
22/08/2006 22:10:04 ‹James› shortcut on desktop to "shutdown -r" is your friend
22/08/2006 22:10:20 ‹lehane› or from a remote m/c
22/08/2006 22:10:35 ‹James› k,, a dmx set is definitly on mmy to do list
22/08/2006 22:10:57 ‹lehane› no probs Edward.
22/08/2006 22:15:25 ‹lehane› James, do you use the xPL-xAP bridge in FP
22/08/2006 22:15:31 ‹Edward› Synopsis it that xAP-Dynalite is alive and well and will be released soon.
22/08/2006 22:15:54 ‹James› you;ve been pretty busy then too
22/08/2006 22:15:54 ‹lehane› Excellent - willing beta tester here!
22/08/2006 22:16:05 ‹Edward› Cool!
22/08/2006 22:16:48 ‹James› L, yes currently to bridge the slimserver to xaP
22/08/2006 22:17:13 ‹James› display to xPL and player notifications back to xAP
22/08/2006 22:17:22 ‹Edward› I seem to have got myself into a situation of many projects each progressing slowly: X10 connector support, xAP-Dynalite, HouseBot xAP plugin and Slimserver.
22/08/2006 22:17:52 ‹lehane› Hmm, Slimserver. Any news from SB and xFx?
22/08/2006 22:18:06 ‹James› no, unfortunatly
22/08/2006 22:19:17 ‹James› so are you using the xpl bridge?
22/08/2006 22:19:22 ‹Edward› All quiet - reminds me, another project, port of xFx libraries to .Net 2.0 and fixing some bugs (eg, wildcarding) I've found
22/08/2006 22:19:26 ‹lehane› Yep - to Medianet
22/08/2006 22:19:58 ‹James› k, I need to add some more translators for teh audio schema. but there are really fiddly
22/08/2006 22:20:10 ‹James› as teh xPL naming context is quite different
22/08/2006 22:20:50 ‹lehane› Is that sub address wildcarding?
22/08/2006 22:21:52 ‹James› i don't use sub addresses as from XPL you can't know how many subs a device has so i use a straight source address
22/08/2006 22:22:06 ‹James› the UID is a CRC16 of the xpl source name
22/08/2006 22:22:20 ‹James› as i said it's all a bit of a fiddle
22/08/2006 22:23:40 ‹James› actually ignore that
22/08/2006 22:23:51 ‹James› I did do sub addresses for sensor.basic messages
22/08/2006 22:24:06 ‹James› i had to use a few lookup tables
22/08/2006 22:24:45 ‹Edward› Bedtime for me - long day - see y'all soon
22/08/2006 22:24:55 ‹James› bfn
22/08/2006 22:25:49 ‹lehane› OK- sorry sub address Q was for Edward.
22/08/2006 22:26:08 ‹James› :$ o
22/08/2006 22:26:38 ‹lehane› Trouble with chat sometimes!
22/08/2006 22:26:48 ‹James› indeed
22/08/2006 22:27:12 ‹lehane› OK, I'll call it a day and do some more Perl hacking...
22/08/2006 22:27:12 ‹James› but you can;t beat the occasional chat
22/08/2006 22:27:22 ‹James› ok, have fun
22/08/2006 22:27:28 ‹lehane› CU
22/08/2006 22:27:35 * lehane quit
22/08/2006 22:27:37 ‹James› bye