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What is it? xAP TV downloads current TV listings from the internet using XMLTV. These listings include TV, radio, cable and satellite.

By default the app is configured for the UK but it comes with filters for New Zealand and Italy as well, more are available from www.xmltv.org. Once the listings are downloaded the application will send out messages for each channel detailing what is currently showing and what is coming next. These messages are sent out whenever the programme changes and also every 15 minutes, by default.

xAP TV has a web interface which can be used to browse and edit upcoming program triggers, views of channel details for the next few days and a search function. The abiltiy to edit triggers is password protected.

Also xAP TV is able to send out display messages as reminders for upcoming programmes based upon a wildcarded trigger list. As well as the display messages formatted for Watcher, it can also send one formatted for a Slimp3 screen.

xAP TV is now xAP Intranet enabled so it will link with other intranet apps.


xAP TV is available from mi4.biz

A guide for setting up xAP TV is available here.