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Available from http://www.xapframework.net, the xAP Slim Server Connector provides one means of bringing the superb audio receivers from SlimDevices into the world of xAP. It connects to a Slim Server running on your network and processes xAP Audio Control Messages. In this way you can send On-Screen Display (OSD) messages to your SliMP3s or Squeezeboxes, as well as adjust volume, control the audio transport, and query the current status of the player - what is currently playing, what's next, what's the current power status etc.

Slimserver GUI.JPG

In addition the Connector listens for events occuring on your Slim Devices and translates these into xAP messages which are sent out on the xAP network. Any other xAP enabled application or device can listen out for these event messages and process them in their own way.

Some of the events generated by the Connector include "Now Playing" events detailing the current track when it changes, playlist edits, changes to the repeat or shuffle status, powering on and off etc.

The following xAPplications are examples that can send OSD messages directly to the xAP Slimserver Connector:

Using the xAP HomeSeer Plugin any information can be sent to the display.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, IR feedback is also supported. IR events allows you to use the SliMP3 or Squeezebox as an IR receiver that integrates with any other xAP-enabled device on the network. Any IR remote that is recognised by the Slim will cause IR events to be generated. Adding IR codes to the Slimserver and intergrating with HomeSeer

The xAP Slimserver Connector can be downloaded from http://www.xapframework.net/ in console, GUI and service versions.

All require the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed.

A guide to the slimserver connector can be found at [1]