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Text Messaging Interface (via Falcom GSM Modem)

The Falcom is a self contained, ETSI 07.05 compliant, GSM phone. The xAP connector for Falcom allows you to send text messages and react to incoming text messages. I haven't tested the connector with other phones, but there is a good chance that it will work without modification — the current modem handling code could do with tidying up though, it's all quick-and-dirty. Low-level access to the text messaging layer makes it possible to display messages immediately on the mobile handset - no need to explicitly open the message to read it. Typical uses of this connector include sending yourself a text message if you get a phone call when you are out, or to turn up the heating before you get home. Falcom can be found at www.falcom.de.

Use the companion sendsms client, which simply generates a xAP message targeted at the Falcom connector, to send text messages from any command line application.

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