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xAP SMS lets you send and receive SMS messages from xAP messages. It uses www.sendmytxt.co.uk to send and receive the messages. xAP can be run as a tray icon, an NT service or as one shot command line.

As a tray icon you get an address book and a quick easy way to send SMS as well as full xAP connectivity. All request to send a message are responded with a success or fail xAP message.

If you have Outlook installed SMS will display any Outlook contact that has a mobile number. Upon startup SMS sends out a xAP database request and fills up its contact database with the result. The upshot of which means that if you run multiple SMS's on you network they will all load a central address book (requires xAP Db from Ascentium). Note, both Outlook and xAP addressbooks are read only. You still have the old internal address book which is fully read/write.

You need to create a sendmytxt account before you can use this software.

xAP SMS is available for download from mi4.biz

Now the bad news The receive sms service is not currently available from sendmytxt. It will be soon, it's just under test at the moment. I will post more information when its available. What I can say is the messages come in instantly and have been perfectly reliable.

Incoming data The incoming sms comes in as an http request. SMS basically now has a small webserver on port 43639 to receive the data so you will need to set up an ip port forward on your router so it can get the data.