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At the recent UKHA2004 show Chris Dodge of RedRat Ltd said hello and was kind enough to send out a sample RedRat? unit for some xAP development.

For those that don't know it, the RedRat3 is a USB based infrared remote control input and output device for your computer. Main features include:

USB powered - no external power supply required. Two different IR detectors: o Long range for control of your PC by remote. o Short range for accurate IR signal "learning" from your own remotes.

High powered IR output - range greater than 10m. Supports IrDa-like? IR signal output (Telewest and some NTL cable set-top boxes in the UK)

The new xAP RedRat Connector application connects any RedRats on the system onto the xAP network. This means that any xAP applications and devices can receive IR signals. Additionally IR signals can be transmitted simply by sending a suitably targetted xAP message. You can even send Pronto/CCF IR commands too!

Note: The above link is temporarily down but the software is available from [1]



Note: The above link is temporarily down but the software is available from [2]

It's currently only available in a GUI form at the above URL, but simple console and Windows Service versions will be along shortly.

A guide for setup and configuration http://www.xapframework.net/modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=16

Note: The above link is temporarily down

Lastly, I just thought I'd add that the RedRat? SDK is a delight to use. I had played with the RR s/w and written v0.1 of this app to send and receive IR commands from/to xAP messages within a couple of hours of receiving the unit from Chris. Brilliant.

More details on this to come another time. Bugs, queries, comments, requests to the usual place.

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