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The "NetCallerID?," made by Got-Call?, is a US style caller ID box that comes with a built in Serial Interface. It works with any phone as a stand-alone caller-ID box and you can connect to your computer's serial port.


While it has been discontinued for some time, it is the only external CID device that I have found that supports serial communications, and there must have been a glut of them at one time, since quite a few retailers are still selling them. It is available from Electronic Discount Sales (Linked Here) for a measly US$5.99 plus shipping, and from the HomeSeer store for about US$15 plus shipping. It also pops up on eBay occasionally... xAP NetCallerID? is a xAPplication that can read this data from the NetCallerID? serial line and turn it into xAP CID.Incoming messages. It leverages the excellent work done by Stuart Both on the xAPFramework.NET package, which made development of this xAPplication a million times easier than it could have been. This application runs in two different modes, controlled by three different command line switches: 1. No Switch - Run as a Windows Service 2. "-GUI" - run as a GUI windows application 3. "-InstallService" - register the service with the Windows Service Control Manager 4. "-RemoveService" - un-register the service with the Windows Service Control Manager