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In order to do some testing, I've created a simple xAPp that pumps out random messages at regular (configurable) intervals. It reads a set of .xAP messages from some directory you specify. These are text files containing xAP messages as you might transmit via a Send type application. Every now and then it will pick one of these messages at random and send it. You can configure the number of messages per minute that you want sent and it can get quite ferocious!

Flood has applications in stress and throughput testing I think. I've been primarily using it to stress test some optimisations I've made to the xAP Message Viewer application.

Just point it at a directory full of .xAP messages xAP Send from the same page comes with a sample set, as does the xAP Slimserver Connector, set a message rate and hit the Start button.

Restart the app if you add more sample messages to the directory, as it caches them internally at the moment. This was to save time reading from the disc regularly for really extreme message transmission rates.