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The xAP Hub allows multiple applications on the same host to share a common xAP infrastructure - fundamental design constraints in the way TCP/IP works would otherwise prevent more than one xAP application being used at a time on a given host.

A xAP-Hub is required on any host which runs multiple xAP-enabled applications. It is essential that the hub is started before any xAP enabled application. When subsequent xAP enabled applications are started, they should report successful automatic detection of the hub.

There are several flavours of hub:

Patrick Lidstone has written a cross-platform hub which is available from [1].

Stuart Booth has written a Windows only hub, which is part of his xAP Framework, which is available in console, GUI and service forms from [2]. This hub is useful in that it performs strict error checking on the validity of xAP messages, which can help developers with their debugging. Edward Pearson has enhanced xFx v2 hubs as part of the xAP Framework v2 project.


For trouble shooting information see xAP Hub Troubleshooting.

Paul Barrett has written a sample VB.NET application showing the implementation of a Hub Client Application using xAPFramework.net Available from BAZAutomation