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Barionet xAP support for the Barionet.
CBUS Dedicated xAP capable controller for Schneider/ClipsalC-BUS lighting.
Comfort Connect to the comfort security system
HomePod Replacement firmware for the HomePod device with integrated xAP.
Dell RIO Support Replacement xAP enabled firmware for the Dell RIO MP3 player.
SoundBridge Roku/Pinnacle mp3 player - xAP connector for on screen messages
Homevision xAP enable the Homevision controller.
IRTransIRTrans An Ethernet networked infrared distribution system
Slim Devices Squeezebox/SliMP3 xAP enable SlimDevices Slimp3/Squeezebox.
Weather and Temperature Devices Weather And Temperature Solutions
OPNone 1-wire A direct 1-wire interface that supports xAP over Ethernet
xAP Netiom A low cost I/O board with parallel, serial, analog I/O as well as counters , latches and inbuilt web server that supports xAP over Ethernet
OPNX10 A direct X10 to xAP Ethernet interface
OPNMax An embedded xAP controller based on the Linksys NSLU2 'Slug'
IDRANet IDRATEKs network system of low cost I/O devices, dimmers relays etc - Cortex is now xAP capable
RFXCOM Wireless transmitter/receiver support for many protocols including Oregon Scientific, X10, Visionic, HomeEasy etc
Meteor A standalone embedded device that atatches the Meteor Caller ID unit to xAP Ethernet
Quasar Standalone embedded controller for the Quasar temperature sensor 3145
DMX A xAP connector for the Milford Instruments DMX controller
Dynalite A xAP connector for the Dynalite lighting system
RFXCOM xAP connector supports all RF devices via the RFXCOM eg X10, HomeEasy, Oregon Scientific Weather sensors/scales, Visionic security