xAP Floorplan beta 5 released

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A major upgrade from the last beta. As well as many minor tweaks and additions, there are the following big new features:

  • The floorplans now update live, you no longer have to wait for the next refresh (AJAX)
  • You can control lights from the floorplan, you don't have to go to control screen then back to the floorplan anymore.
  • Added a simple pda web interface, which allow both device control and viewing of device states.
  • Now also logs xAPlog messages
  • Easier script debug screen added
  • Two new link modes, always send on and always send off.
  • Links now can trigger a script after a certain amount of time. This along which the two new link modes allow for easy occupancy lighting.
  • New autoscript option to allow the triggering of another event, with optional delay.

Download from mi4.biz