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The new update of Floorplan includes two major new features. Firstly it can now receive any xAP message from any schema, so you are no longer limited to BSC devices. BSC devices are still easier to work with as their configuration and control is automatic and now there is another good reason for using BSC.

Floorplan can now link BSC devices together. If you have a BSC light and a BSC light switch, Floorplan can be the glue to tie them together. Links can be direct, ie. switch goes on light goes on, toggle where any change of the switch causes the light to toggle state and a simple state on link where dimming info is not sent. Both a full msi and an upgrade zip are available for download here

It's probably easier to demonstrate what Floorplan now does by detailing how it has replaced all HA control in my house. I only have a few x10 modules, some light switches connected to a netiom xAP and some slimp3s but it's a start!. x10 is connected to xAP via Edward's x10 connector which converts x10 to BSC and the slimp3s are linked to Stuart's connector to allow full control.

Using the Time of Day information sent from xAP Weather a script in Floorplan triggers whenever the time of day changes. If it changes to night then the lights come on. At some set times around midnight using a timer in Floorplan the lights get turned off. Using another timer, a morning alarm is set that turns on bedroom light and plays a random playlist on the slimp3 Using a link in Floorplan, the light switches connected to the netiom control nearby x10 lights. This is done using a toggle link as the light switches are regular and not momentary types. Being an app called Floorplan, the state of everything is displayed on a floorplan, well one floorplan per floor acutally. This also gives web control of everything. Certian IR codes that are received by the slimp3 control lights. This is done using an update script.

When I say 'scripts' above, none of them are complicated. Probably the most complicated is the script that turns on the lights at sunset and that looks like this:

Sub Main()
x=xap.getvalue("Time Of Day")
if lcase(x)="night" then
end if
End Sub

as you can see not exactly complicated! Future releases will make this even easier too

Suggestions for new features will be most welcome! One feature that is currently being enhanced is the timer to allow for a more flexible setup and to include randomising.