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Patrick has released the following: My love affair with the opensource pbx, asterisk http://www.asteriskpbx.org continues! I've pretty much completely xAP-enabled asterisk, and the end results are terrific! Some of the features I've got up and running:

- Full IVR integration with xAP Web Cache and speech synthesiser so the last value of any xAP message can be read out to a caller. This is great for Comfort-style home control menus - asterisk knows it's me when I call from the caller id info, and can read out security system status, weather info, heating status/control, items on the barcode shopping list etc. These menus can be accessed internally too using short codes (*5 etc).

- Integration with outlook via xAP. This is a killer app for me -something I've wanted to do for literally years, but could never manage with a low-end analogue PBX. At long last I can look up an outlook contact, click a dial button (which sends a xAP message to asterisk) and then have asterisk set up the call from my extension without me having to dial anything. Hoorah!

- Web based phone log - again driven by XapWebCache?. Lists both incoming and outgoing calls, with contact details/name/date etc, which is nice for redialling or emailing a reply to someone you missed a call from - just point and click. Will probably build on this over time to move towards a mini-CRM system.

Awesome stuff, thanks to asterisk. Well I think so, anyway :-) If there's enough interest, I can write this all up in due course and put on the website - but I'm guessing it's pretty niche.

Contact details for Patrick can be found at http://patrick.lidstone.net/ha