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Hi xAP community!

www.opnode.org is already available. You'll find there everything about opnodes, the project we've been working on for months.

The term "opnode" (open node) intends to identify a family of open source home controllers. opn-one will be the first opnode publicly available. This opn-one is a 1-Wire/xAP/xPL embedded controller with a lot of functions that is under final development (see my website). In the next weeks, I'll request for beta-testers.

Besides, we're beginning to work on the "opn-232" a programmable RS232/xAP/xPL embedded controller. It's functionality will depend on the firmware installed and as first firmware, I'm developing a gateway for the CM11 X10 interface.

The final goal of www.opnode.org is to gather sensations from the Open Home Automation community. Please, feel free to send me your comments to dberenguer@usapiens.com or post them here if you think they are useful for the rest of xAP users. I'm mainly interested in developing open nodes that are really useful for the users. Apart from that, I have no special relationship with any company. I decided that the opn-one could be a good start point because, at the moment, I don't know of any other thechnology less expensive than 1-Wire. In fact, I'm planning to mainly use 1-Wire for my new house, not only to monitor temperatures but also for controlling lights, detect alarmas, etc.

As you can guess, I'm a lover of embedded devices and opn-one is the best example. Instead of using one of the 1-Wire gateways for PC, I wanted to develop a silent/low power/tiny device capable to manage a whole 1-Wire network and transparently communicate events and commands to/from the xAP network. This controller can also execute programmed actions from the event manager.

I hope you like our work.

Happy new year,