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ZoneMinder xAP Connector (zmxap) is an integration utility used to interact with the CCTV capture and real-time motion/zone processor, ZoneMinder. zmxap is bidirectional--sending alarm event information and accepting control requests to alter zoneminder operation. zmxap is written in Perl and because of its interface with zoneminder must be run on the same system that hosts zoneminder. It is run "stand alone" and is therefore executed separate from zoneminder.


  • regularly reports each monitor's operating mode
  • reports alarm starts
  • reports alarm endings--including duration and all event information reportable (e.g., frame count, score)
  • reports alarm telemetry (center position) at regular intervals during an alarm
  • sends user customizable messages (for display on computers, VCD displays, etc)
  • accepts alarm start, stop and suspend requests

Additional details can be found at the ZoneMinder wiki page on zmxap. The latest release can be found here