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[[xLobby]] <br/>
[[xLobby]] <br/>
[[xLobby Plugin]] <br/>
[[Generic xAP Intranet Redirector]] <br/>
[[Generic xAP Intranet Redirector]] <br/>
[[Intranet Library]] <br/>
[[Intranet Library]] <br/>

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xAP Desktop The definitive xAP user interface for your PC.
xAP Weather
Weather Display
xAP Watcher
xAP Watcher Viewer
xAP News
xAP DigiTV
xAP Speech
xAP Stock
xAP Homeseer Plugin xAP enable the popular Homeseer application.
xAP Pace
xAP Ping 2
xAP Travel
xAP Intranet
xAP Intranet OCX
xAP Floorplan
xAP Switchboard
Intranet Launcher
Outlook 2003


xAP X10 Connector xAP enables CM12U and CM1x PC interfaces.
xAP RedRat Connector xAP enable the RedRat infra red interface, allowing bi-directional remote control of infra red devices from xAP.
xAP Slimserver Connector xAP enable SlimDevices Slimp3/Squeezebox.
xAP Email Monitor pop3 mailboxes. Send emails from xAP
New Email OSD Generates Tivo/slimserver OSD messages from new emails
xAP Internet Dialup Monitor Monitors dial up connections
xAP Internet Dialup OSD detects Internet Dialup Connection Monitoring messages and translates them into simple OSD messages
xAP Message Viewer Graphical application to monitor xAP messages
xAP Message Flood
Media Centre xAP
BitTorrent Monitor

xAP Barcode Connector Read barcodes and send them as a xAP message.
xAP Clock xAP based time server.
xAP Display Interface LCD and VFD displays to display xAP messages.
xAP Asterisk Open source Asterisk PBX
xAP SMS Modem Connector Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM Modem.
xAP Meteor Caller ID Pass caller id information as a xAP message.
Caller ID OSD Generates OSD messages from caller id messages
xAP Quasar Connector Interface to the Quasar temperature board and report the current temperature of up to 4 sensors.
xAP IR Man Connector Pass Infra red events received by IR MAN as xAP messages.
xAP WS918 Weather Station Connector Interface to Oregon/Hagen WS918 weather station.
xAP Test Allows xAP messages to be captured to a file.

xAP Tel Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for xAP, with notification and logging of incoming and outgoing calls.
xAP Switchboard Providing a web based vies of all telephone calls and lookups of name and location from the telephone number.
xAP DB Provides xAP devices with the ability to query any ODBC capable databases.
xAP Logger Logs all xAP messages to an ODBC capable database.
xAP Homevision Connector xAP enable the Homevision controller.
xAP BSC Mapper Allows xAP messages to be routed between xAP devices which are BSC aware.
xAP Viewer Review xAP messages traversing your network.
xAP Send xAP Receive Send and receive canned messages to/from a flat file.
xAP Comfort Connector Interface with the comfort security system.
xAP Schedule Schedule a xAP event for some time in the future.
. xAP TOM10 Temperature sensor board

xAP Netcaller ID Connector
xAP MSDE Logger
xAP 1 Wire

xLobby Plugin

Generic xAP Intranet Redirector
Intranet Library