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xAP Floorplan is an extremely powerful application that allows a number of scripting types to be created. The easiest to use are the Auto Scripts which can perform a number of actions on well known devices and for many people these are sufficient. However, for those with some basic VBScript skills 'Raw Scripts' can be created which allow more control and access to more devices, especially those that are 'Raw' including xPL bridged ones. Example scripts that are available:

Using a Push Switch for lighting control/dimming Floorplan Scripts1

Accessing raw device data and changing what xAPFloorplan displays Floorplan Scripts2

Getting xAPFloorplan to speak incoming mail Floorplan Scripts3

Getting xAPFloorplan to slowly dim a light over a period of time Floorplan Scripts4

Or the otherway round, ramp the lights up triggered by the alarm on a Squeezebox Floorplan Scripts5