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Two new applications that use the intranet ocx are now available in the download area on mi4

The first of these applications is a Generic Redirector for the Intranet. this allows you to configure any pre-existing webserver on your LAN, or the internet, so that it appears within the xAP Intranet system. Its a bit difficult to provide examples of how this would work in your LAN, but example settings.txt and graphics have been provded for Ebay, Google, a WebCAM and BT Directory Enquiries to get you going.

The second application is a Document Libray for the intranet. This will allow you to make all the hardware and software documentation readily available. This application is a beta, it works for me, but let me know how you get on.

You can see pictures of these apps over in the Gallery area of Note that there are some additional instructions and tips in the gallery captions.