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[[ZoneMinder xAP Connector]]<br/>
[[ZoneMinder xAP Connector]]<br/>
[[DIY Zoning]]<BR/>
[[DIY Zoning]]<BR/>
[[MisterHouse]] Popular complete HomeAutomation application <br/>

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xAP Barcode Connector Read barcodes and send them as a xAP message.
xAP Clock xAP based time server.
xAP Display Interface LCD and VFD displays to display xAP messages.
xAP SMS Modem Connector Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM Modem.
xAP Meteor Caller ID Pass caller id information as a xAP message.
xAP Quasar Connector Interface to the Quasar temperature board and report the current temperature of up to 4 sensors.
xAP IR Man Connector Pass Infra red events received by IR MAN as xAP messages.
xAP WS918 Weather Station Connector Interface to Oregon/Hagen WS918 weather station.
xAP Comfort Connector Connect to the comfort security system
xAP Schedule Schedule a xAP event for some time in the future.
xAP 1 Wire Gateway xAP to 1 wire sensor gateway
Weather Display
Asterisk xAP Connector
ZoneMinder xAP Connector
DIY Zoning

MisterHouse Popular complete HomeAutomation application