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This is a series of (currently twelve) small xAP applications which forms part of my "xAP Labs" setup.

These applications are intended to be used in one of two ways: Firstly to provide the tools which would allow testing of a xAP system or application by temporarily simulating a series of xAP startpoints and endpoints and allow this testing to take place without disturbing the setup of any existing xAP system too much.

Secondly to provide simulations of xAP enabled hardware that would allow a newbie to create and simulate a xAP system without purchasing any expensive hardware. Please click Read More below to see the rest of this article

The current list of applications is as follows:-

  • Switches - 16 switches - BSC inputs
  • PDP Switch - 16 switches - BSC inputs
  • Chrome - 6 switches on a chrome wall plate - BSC inputs
  • LED's - 8 Green LEDs - BSC outputs
  • LEDStrip - a vertical strip of 8 LED's - BSC outputs
  • Lamps - 8 Light Bulbs - BSC Outputs
  • AD10 - 4 Din Rail x-10 relays - BSC outputs
  • Relays - 4 relay circuits - BSC Outputs
  • Onebulb - a single light bulb - BSC output
  • DispSim - emulating a 4 x 20 LCD
  • Toggle - generates BSC toggle messages
  • Messend - Sends raw xAP messages

There is a xAPLabs.txt in the zip file for each application, please read it and the applications readme file when you come to use it

The apps are in the download area on and there is a picture gallery over on with comments in the captions

All of these applications use the xAPIntranet ocx which will require installation as well

enjoy Kevin T