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Four is a xAP chat bot. It takes questions like "Is the hall light on?", "What's the weather like on friday?", "What is Fred's mobile number","turn the hall lights on","What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?" and it will do it's best to reply. It gets its information from Switchboard (1.1+), Floorplan (1.1+), xAP Weather and Wikipedia. You can ask it questions either by xAP, Four's web interface or through xAP Jabber.

As this is a initial release it's training is only based on questions I've asked it. I would ask users to help update it for it become more accurate. Whenever Four can not answer a question it logs the question to unknownquestions.txt so if the contents of that file, minus anything confidential, could be emailed to me it will greatly improve now it works.

Download from mi4