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The launcher is a small tray application that gives you quick and simple access to all xAP Intranet applications. It can be set to auto start at logon and also functions as a simple display client. As well as listing all the intranets it can be set up to include links to upto 100 websites.

Version 1.3 has these new features:

  • Priority Queue, messages that are in the queue are now ordered by priority rather than in the order received.
  • High priority display. If a lower priority message is being displayed and a higher priority one comes in then the high priority one is immediately displayed. *The lower priority message will be re-shown after the high priority one finishes.
  • Big Images. You can set, by source address, message sources that will display a much larger image. The default big image size is 320x240 but you can change this in the dialog.(Right click on the tray icon and select 'Big Image')

Both a full install msi and an upgrade zip are available for download from

Just for message sources you specify, you can make the Intranet Launcher display a much larger image. This is really ideal for CCTV alerts and just like the small images it can be video too.


A simple text only display


Showing a news story from xAP News

Display showing video from the front door - using ZoneMinder and zmxAP