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IDRATEK offer a complete and affordable range of hardware modules that all interconnect on the IDRANet bus to create a complete HA system. Modules include switches, dimmers, relays, inputs, outputs, analogue , temperature, light level, humidity, infra red transmit and receive, X10 interface, and a multifunction control panel.

The IDRANet system works standalone using 'Reflex' programming but a very comprehensive software application called Cortex is available that adds many sophisticated features including logic, scheduling, graphing, logging, occupancy detection, and a room layout based display interface as well as various network software options like email, Skype etc.

Cortex also offers an optional 'automation object' that integrates xAP functionality allowing IDRANet and xAP objects to both be used in a similar way. IDRANet objects are fully controllable from xAP and xAP objects by Cortex.