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What does a Hub do?

As the name suggests, a hub allows one or more xAP applications to share a connection to the xAP network on a single PC. This is a technical requirement because of the way PC networks work - by default, only one application can own a network connection on a given port at a time.

Hub Choices

There are two variants of hub in common use:

Stuart Booth's .NET based hub for windows, which you can find here. This comes in 3 flavours; GUI, console and Windows Service.

Patrick Lidstone's lightweight hub which runs under windows (requires CygWin dll) or under linux here

Other Non Dedicated Alternatives

Whilst operating more than a single xAPplication on a single PC requires a Hub to be operational, many xAPplications offer a built-in Hub role if no Hub is detected when they start.

Currently I am only aware of xAPFramework.NET-based applications offering this behaviour.