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As an example, here is a simple application which is triggered by a push switch connected to a Netiom which initially turns on a light, in this case a DMX connected one using the xAP DMX512 interface but it could be C-BUS, X10, Dynalite, etc., and with each subsequent press increases the level. After 10 seconds of no activity then another press will turn off the light. It shows a number of the basic functions in use:

LogDebug - for status logging/debugging

Global Variables - used to maintain the state of the light

Get BSC State - to check the Netiom input

Send BSC - to send the on/off and level to the DMX controller/light

There are two scripts, one linked to the Netiom BSC in the 'Script to run on change' field in 'Basic Devices'. Tutorial1-1.JPG The other is executed when the timer expires to reset the global variable.

Script 1 - Kitchen1toggle

Script 2 - Kitchen1toggleoff

You could extend these to go down after reaching a maximum.