Floorplan 1.5 released

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Floorplan 1.5 is now available for download. It's been a while coming and I would really like to thank all those who have helped test it and who have suggested features.

While there are many changes and fixes the ones of note are:

  • Floorplan will now automatically create raw devices
  • Security layer lets you assign permissions to tabs and config
  • Drag and drop support to help position devices on floorplans
  • Conditional events
  • Each item of an auto script can now have conditional statements
  • iPhone Interface
  • Rooms support for occupancy, alarms, scenes etc and device grouping.
  • Support for external databases, through ODBC
  • Improved xPL support and protocol bridge, including support for MediaNet

There is also a new, experimental, script function that can be used with the custom pages to produce graphs of logged data. I'll post some examples of that later. There are some screenshots of the iphone interface: here and if you haven't seen the drag/drop autoloading system there is a little video of it showing the process of adding a SLIMP3 control here

Both an update and a full installer are available from the applications section on http://www.mi4.biz.