Floorplan 1.1 released

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Floorplan 1.1 is now available for download from www.mi4.biz

This update features all the changes from the test releases and includes the following new features:

  • Better xAP>xPL loop prevention
  • Scene Recording and playback
  • Trigger scenes and events from xAP
  • Popup controls on the floorplans now disappear after a timeout
  • You can put custom html in any device's popup
  • Includes the latest Intranet ocx

For Upgraders

If upgrading first backup your entire Floorplan application folder, usually C:\Program Files\xAP Floorplan.

Now ensure Floorplan is closed or the service stopped if running that way. Also ensure any other xAP intranet applications on that PC are closed.

Uninstall the current Floorplan from the windows control panel. Then Install from the new msi.

Before running the new floorplan you need to copy over the settings from your old install. You should copy all files, with the exception of the floorplan.exe, from the backup you did earlier to the new install folder. If you get prompts about overwriting files then just click ok.

Once done you can start the new floorplan and it will have all your original settings.