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The C-Bus xAP gateway is a standalone embedded controller that attaches directly to your C-Bus lighting system using an onboard interface. It provides an Ethernet interface for control via xAP and 3 other serial interfaces, plus one parallel I/O connection that may at a later stage offer additional functionality.

C-Bus lighting devices are presented on xAP using the BSC schema and this allows their integration with any other xAP capable device or software application eg HomeSeer, HouseBot, MisterHouse, Cortex (IDRANet), xLobby, xAP Desktop, xAP Floorplan.

All the C-Bus protocol handling is provided by the onboard dual processors and just changes and control commands are communicated between xAP and C-Bus.

Other software personalities may become available that are useable on this same hardware , sometimes co-resident with the existing C-Bus firmware.

One such offering is a standalone HomeVision to xAP gateway that offers control of all HomeVisions I/O from xAP. This is a co-resident firmware personality option so there is also a HomeVision to C-Bus gateway that directly integrates C-Bus lighting control within Homevision using the 'custom lighting' feature. All C-Bus lights are synchronised and updated realtime on HomeVision and C-Bus named lights may be controlled from HomeVision macros just like any other I/O. It is also possible to trigger 'actions' (macros) in HomeVision whenever a C-Bus group changes state. Importantly - the C-Bus protocol handling is all handled by the gateway so no loading is placed on HomeVision to perform this function. Only changes and commands are exchanged over the HomeVision serial interface.

The C-Bus / HomeVision / xAP gateway costs from £150 and is available by contacting

kevin <at> xapautomation <dot> org