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This xAPplication, also known as TorrentMon, is a partner application to certain BitTorrent? clients to better support automatic downloading of new TV episodes matching certain preset criteria.

TorrentMon detects new TV episodes of potential interest by monitoring an RSS feed from the BitTorrent? TV episode provider site. When new TV episodes become available, these are compared to the set of shows TorrentMon? knows you are interested in. If any matches are found, TorrentMon? will download the .torrent file from the link provided by the RSS feed to a specific location. At this point it's up to your BitTorrent? client to either detect new files appearing here or to monitor this location on a regular basis. TorrentMon? is a standalone application with no direct links to the primary BitTorrent client.

Copying Completed Episodes TorrentMon? goes one step further. It additionally has the capability to copy these same TV episodes to another location when the downloading is completed. This alternate location can vary on a per show basis and allows Star Trek Enterprise to go in its own folder, separate from Battlestar Galactica for instance. This is very useful where the P2P download client only supports a single completion directory. You can configure TorrentMon? to monitor this one completion directory so that it knows when completed shows (and other files) become available and also where they are to be copied to. If you use a media centre PC this can mean you just have to browse a set of shows by folder/show-name rather than a massive set of individual files in one location.

TV Show Logo Support TorrentMon? supports a method of populating the folder containing the TV episodes with a logo image for the show. This is picked up by some software for enhanced visual presentation. For instance, in Windows MCE, when browsing a directory of folders, if the folder contains a FOLDER.JPG file then that image file is used to represent the collection of episodes contained within. Whilst downloading and preparing the image file is a manual process, should you delete the folder on completion of a season, when the next season commences and TorrentMon? starts downloading new episodes again, it will automatically fill in the logo image for you.

This xFx application is no longer actively supported - Contact Edward Pearson if you are interested in taking up development of this application.