Asterisk xAP Connector

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Asteriskis a "digital PBX" that is used to integrate telephony equipment with traditional analog PSTN and more recent VoIP lines.

The Asterisk xAP Connector (axc) provides a gateway between Asterisk and xAP-enabled devices.

It feature set includes:

  • sending inbound and outbound call progress info to support call logging
  • sending inbound caller ID info (number and name, if present)
  • sending line "state" info to support line capacity decisions for dial assistance
  • sending extension "state" info to support occupancy monitoring and audio device auto-mute
  • sending voicemail information (read and unread) for each mailbox as messages arrive and recurring
  • receiving assisted dial commands so that calls may be placed via electronic phone books
  • receiving unassisted dial commands to generate text to speech to callees (for alarm/alert notices; reminders) [ see Asterisk Unattended Dialout ]
  • sending/receiving xAP messages in support of home automation IVR menus [ see Asterisk IVR ]