Asterisk Unattended Dialout

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Asterisk xAP Connector (axc) provides support to allow xAP messages to initiate automated, unattended, dial-out to a telephony number and generate a text-to-speech (TTS) message when the callee answers. Potential applications include:

  • alerts/warnings of HA-monitored conditions (e.g., alarm trip; high-temp limit reached)
  • notifications (e.g., presence/occupancy established)
  • reminders (e.g., "wake-up calls", other reminders if criteria not met)

Configuring Asterisk

Each inbound xAP message "targets" (or more accurately, is routed to) an asterisk "context". So, for each style/form of message sending, a separate asterisk dial-plan context must be created. The following is a sample AEL context: