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The xFx-Express Hub is a self-contained xAP hub written using C# and .Net 2.0.

xFx-Express hub replaces earlier hubs based on xAP Framework.Net (xFx). While xFx continues to incorporate xAP Hub classes, xFx is oriented towards the support of applications and therefore focuses on strict validation of xAP messages. It is not the role of a hub to be validating messages; it should just act as a forwarder of messages. This hub, the xFx-Express Hub, is therefore not based on xFx resulting in a more reliable, higher-performance hub than was possible previously. This hub can operate either as a Windows Service (normal operation) or as a console application (useful for debugging). Previous xFx hubs have been available in a GUI format - this is no longer available.

Features include:

  • Handles both v1.2 and extended v1.3 UID formats.
  • Deals gracefully with network unavailability and reconfiguration including:
    • DHCP refreshes
    • WiFi drop-outs
    • Resume from low-power state (Hibernate, Suspend Away).
  • Switches to local mode when no LAN is available allowing xAP applications on a disconnected PC to continue to communicate (eg, laptop away from home).
  • Monitoring via performance counters (perfmon, xAP counter category).
  • Incorporates log4net logging library.
  • Works on Vista.

Download xFx-Express hub here.