xAP Floorplan 1.2 released

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What started as a minor update has ended in a huge one! Below is a list of the larger changes and new features:

  • New: The Log tab now features an additional list showing events occurring within Floorplan
  • New: You can now set the default tab from the config page
  • New: BSC devices can be switched between inputs or outputs
  • New: You can create your own homepage which are based on scripts so can contain dynamic data
  • New: Add custom pages for data entry, display or anything you can think of
  • New: Option to disable remote configuration
  • New: Option to disable xAP<>xPL translators based on source
  • New: Global script functions that are shared across all scripts
  • New: Database based globals
  • New: Use of Google maps to set your lat/long accurately
  • New: Script function to set device's tooltips
  • New: New script functions to run and query SQL and to set BSC display text.
  • Fix: Raw devices using the BSC schema are now processed correctly
  • Fix: Sunrise/Sunset times are now adjusted based on the host's timezone
  • Fix: Global variables located in raw xAP/xPL messages now work correctly

Both a full install msi and an upgrade zip are available for download from mi4