Intranet OCX 1.3 released

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This is an update to the ocx that drives most of the intranet applications. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it is backwards compatible and brings many improvements

For Users

  • Much faster at delivering pages
  • An end, hopefully, to incomplete pages
  • Will make older apps work correctly with the new groups feature

For Developers

  • Support for basic and digest authentication
  • Ability to group Intranet applications together.
  • VB6 demo app extended with tray icon, service support, docking in the launcher and examples of using the authentication

The groups feature is probably the most useful change. By default all applications will be in the group 'Home' and in this state you will notice absolutely no differences! As soon as one intranet application is put in a different group you will see a '+' sign appear on the far right of the blue bar. Clicking on the + will show a screen listing all the groups and which app is in which group. You will also find that you will only see icons in the blue bar from other applications in the same group. So hopefully you can now neatly seperate end user apps from the more complex data source apps. The only problem will be the existing apps as without a configuration option to change the group the application will be stuck in the Home group. I will be updating my apps to support the feature and would ask other developers to support it as they bring out new versions.